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On a Lighter Note

Posted by Muthu on November 29, 2008

Recently a close relative of mine shared an interesting joke about current financial crisis. I’ve suitably  modified the same and thought of sharing it with you.


“A father has 4 sons and is looking worried. A relative visits him.


Relative: Why are you looking so much worried?


Father: I’m worried about getting suitable alliance for my sons.


Relative: Common yaar. You’ve four sons who I think are doing reasonably well probably except the younger one


Father: My first son is a stock broker. My second son works for Jet Airways. My third son is settled in U.S. and is working for an IT department of a leading bank. My last son, since he had no inclination for studying beyond school is running a small Paan Shop (Paanwallah who sells Paan / Beedas).


Relative: So what is the problem?


Father: All the girls’ parents who are approaching our family for alliance wants to give their daughter only to the youngest son. No one is willing give their girl for the first three sons. How can I get the youngest married by passing the eldest three!! That is why I’m worried.”


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