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What is my Religion?

Posted by Muthu on August 24, 2010

I do not think I’ve ever shared my personal faith with you, except the article on free will, in which I indicated that I believe whatever happens in this world, both and good and bad, is as per the will of the God. We are a small nut or bolt in a giant machinery and we can never understand the workings of the machinery, the will of the God. For your easy reference, I’ve given below the link of the articles I wrote earlier on my personal faith



To live an everyday life, we’ve to take decisions and make choices from moment to moment. So I act as if we have a free will, with an inner conviction that all actions happen according to the will of the God. I too have everyday anxieties, pressures, stress etc. Despite that there is a space in mind, which comes from acceptance of ‘What is’.

What probably made me write this article now because; today is ‘Avani Avittam’, the day of changing sacred thread. It’s since 10 years I’ve stopped wearing sacred thread. For the sake of my father, atleast once a year, on this day I used to wear sacred thread. Even that desire has fallen off now and I’m not going to wear sacred thread today.

This article is not to say that I’m right and others are wrong. As I share issues from my personal domain occasionally, I had the urge to write this article today.

I used to regularly visit temples, perform rituals and ceremonies, once upon a time a passionate follower of a Guru etc. I even used to do ‘Sandhya Vandanam’ (a daily routine prescribed for Brahmins) regularly.

With out any conscious effort on my part, all of these have fallen off naturally.

I do have attraction for visiting old temples and have some irresistible pull for ‘Mount Arunachala’.

So when I feel like, I do visit temples, but those instances have since become rare.

I do think of ‘Mount Arunachala’ everyday, but do not attach any undue importance to the same.

I do not perform any religious rituals, ceremonies or participate in any religious festival and activities.

It’s a strange paradox. On one hand, I’ve complete trust in God and the other hand I do not perform any activities of the religion. But I appreciate the essence of the religion like Upanishads etc.

My father and wife have their own religious practices and beliefs. I respect their right to practice their faith. There are some occasional conflicts which arise when some beliefs are imposed on  me.

My father tried his best in creating guilt in me for  being non-religious. I do not have even a tinge of guilt and I’ve to say his mission has failed.

My wife is unable to understand the strange paradox of me having faith in God and at the same time  not following the prescribed set of beliefs and rituals. Though I’ve attraction for ‘Mount Arunachala’, my God is not personal. He is impersonal.

The impersonal consciousness would have created us and we have created ‘Personal Gods’.

I was thinking of God as a ‘Super human being’, because I’m a human being. As I recollect reading from the works of a spiritual teacher, if an animal is endowed with intellect, it would think of God as a ‘Super animal’.

Ours is an inter-caste marriage. When we have a kid, it won’t be brought up in either of our caste. Infact, I’ve no intention of even teaching religion and would probably share with the child only the essence of religion as it grows. If it is a boy, I’ve no intention of putting a sacred thread for him.

I used to be very interested in astrology and have even learnt the basics of astrology. Astrology, Vaasthu etc. at best may be relative truths. I’ve lost all curiosity to know about my future. I’ve seen best of the astrologers and nobody is able to predict the future with accuracy. I’ve seen marriages fail even though they had concrete foundation of astrology.

The fact of the matter is life is uncertain, unpredictable and insecure. I’ve accepted these atleast on an intellectual level, hence the need for astrology and stuff related to that have fallen off automatically. This is one of the reasons why rituals and ceremonies also have fallen off for me.

Earlier I used to be very scared about death and used to read a lot about reincarnation, after life etc. Now my mindset is that let me face what happens to me after I die, if the entity continues. If the entity does not continue also, it is equally fine. What is the use of fighting the reality?  Let me live this life to the best of my capabilities.

I do not believe in a God who rewards and punishes me based on my activities. Even Karma, is a continuous stream of cause and effect, where the cause becomes effect and the effect becomes the cause. Karma is also impersonal and is no longer ‘personal’ for me.  It is very difficult to under the universal or cosmic design and I’m not going to break my head as to why good and bad happens to me. 99% of the humanity may have their own share of sufferings and pleasures. May be the lucky 1% have very less of suffering and more of pleasures. I do not understand the design and accept my ignorance.

I neither believe in positive nor negative thinking. Thinking happens, which is both positive and negative.

Duality and opposites are unavoidable facts of life and I am  learning to live with both of them. We can appreciate the good only when there is bad, beauty only when there is ugliness, light only because of darkness, pleasure because of pain, happiness because of suffering etc.

I’m attracted as much, may be more, to spirituality as I’m attracted to ‘Personal Finance’. I’m fond of reading Ramana, Nisargadatta, Ramesh Balsekar, J.K., Anthony de Mello, Eckhart Tolle etc.

To me, religion, rituals, ceremonies and festivals are more social in nature and only spirituality is personal.

I sincerely believe and accept that if there are 7 billion people in the world, there can be 7 billion paths and ways of thinking.

I do not condemn or say that somebody is inferior and I’m superior.

I just shared what I am and accept people also as they are.

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