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Equitymaster’s positive response

Posted by Muthu on October 2, 2010

I would like to thank many of you for your support and suggestions regarding the legal mail sent to me on 30th September’10 by Ms.Sonal Ramachandran. After reading my article ‘ Equitymaster cries foul’

(https://wisewealthadvisors.com/2010/10/01/equitymaster-cries-foul/), which was also copied to Mr.Rahul Goel and Ms.Sonal, some of  you could not conceal your amusement, as to why someone should think of going legal for sharing a data in their sales brochure duly acknowledging the source.

I’m also thankful to one popular personal financial blogger for sharing his thoughts on this issue.

Considering Warren Buffett as my mentor (I don’t think he would ever consider me as  his ‘disciple’), whose life I closely follow and is continuously learning from him, though I disagree (this I think he would welcome) with him on some issues too.

Whenever he had to face legal issues, including being grilled by U.S. Senate on couple of instances, he always used to say that ‘You will never get tangled up if you just lay out as you see it.’

Also every problem or threat is an opportunity to learn something new.

Yesterday I decided to speak to the head of the organization itself directly and asked for Mr.Rahul Goel. After some efforts, I was able to get hold of him.

I explained that I’ve not shared any subscriber content and has shared only free (non subscriber) content. He said that they did not have any issues with that and what they felt as inappropriate was me using the words ‘with inputs from equitymaster’ which conveys the impression as if that Equitymaster is providing their inputs to me, when in reality  they don’t. He said that it would have been better, if I’ve used something like ‘Reference: www.equitymaster.com ‘ .

I’ve no problem in complying with this simple and reasonable directive. But you may wonder why someone from ‘Equitymaster’ would not have called and told this to me instead chose to initiate send a ‘legal mail’. Well, we are all associated with markets and like markets, we may over react too.

He also told me that I can share portions of articles, data and use them, duly referring their website.  He was not sure whether I can share their article in its entirety, even if I acknowledge the source.

He said that we (Mr.Rahul, Ms.Sonal and I) can have a conference call on coming Monday, where they would provide me clear guidelines for sharing the free or non-subscriber content.

I’ve no problems in accepting their guidelines as far as their articles are concerned.  As I mentioned earlier, even for other sources, I want to bring in more transparency by providing their website address, instead of mere name.

Mr.Rahul sounded very reasonable and come across as a level headed person.

As suggested by him, for the article under question, I’ve modified the acknowledgement as ‘Data Reference: www.equitymaster.com

So I hope this issue would get resolved without any hassles on Monday.

I would keep you updated on the developments. 

I’m copying this to Mr.Rahul and Ms.Sonal also to keep them in the loop.  

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