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Equitymaster – Issue resolved

Posted by Muthu on October 4, 2010

Ms.Sonal Ramachandran, head of legal team of Equitymaster spoke to me.

The below is my understanding and views.


Equitymaster does not come under the category of a ‘Newspaper’ or ‘News’ which may be freely shared with others, duly acknowledging the source.

As per the terms and conditions of Equitymaster, they would like me to get their explicit consent before quoting or using anything from their website.

So I’ve told Equitymaster from now on (4th October’10), if I want to use anything from their website, I would get their explicit consent.


It is most likely that I may not use anything from Equitymaster in future as I find the procedure cumbersome, though they are willing to consider each of my requests.

I’ve no option to question their policy as the content belongs to them and the website is theirs!

No need to worry as there are so many other equally excellent resources available.

I can use news portals, duly acknowledging the source.

One visitor to our website has mentioned about  ‘Fair Use Policy’ which says that you can quote from any public or private article, verbatim, if it is to prove a point you’re making as long as you don’t copy too much or pretend that it is yours.  

Thanks to Equitymaster as I’ve used their content in the past (duly acknowledging that it is theirs) and I’ve learnt something new from this episode.

Nothing lasts forever. Absolutely nothing. So no more wisdom from Equitymaster for our dear clients, wellwishers and visitors to our portal.

Ofcourse, those interested can always visit www.equitymaster.com

I read out this mail to Ms.Sonal after drafting the same so that both of us are on the same page. This mail is also copied to her and Mr.Rahul, CEO of Equitymaster.

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