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The best help you can do

Posted by Muthu on October 22, 2010

We never use any complex models in our approach to investing and financial planning.

Our investment principles sound so simple that some may even think them as being very trivial.

Financial success is very simple, but not easy. All it needs is postponing instant gratification, stop expecting instant results and willing to be disciplined for a long term. It is emotional discipline and common sense which matters most than any complex model or process.

Our solutions would always be very simple with strong requirement of emotional discipline. We would prefer to keep it that way.

I can cite our family itself as an example for following very simple, zero complex procedure to attain the financial independence we’ve today.

I would like to make an appeal to you.

The best help you can do to a person is to make him an investor in SIP. The amount is immaterial but the period is. A small amount over a long period of time would make someone wealthy, beyond his dreams. As we always say, we regularly monitor the universe of funds we recommend and would advise course correction if and when required.

Your relatives or friends or any near and dear, colleagues, employees, wellwishers would get immensely benefited if you make them to invest in SIP. To repeat, amount is immaterial, but the period or tenure has to be longer.

This is one of the best help you can do to people whom you like or whose welfare you are interested in.

So request you to consider SIP referral seriously and bring in to fold as many people as you can.  

Would you do this so that more and more people and their family can get immensely benefited because of your guidance?  Your advice is capable of making a generation financially independent. They would ever be grateful to you for this timely help.

Sincerely request you to think about this.

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