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Weekend Jottings

Posted by Muthu on November 6, 2010

I’m planning to start ‘Weekend Jottings’ from this weekend which may cover anything. It is more of free flow jottings.

Got a call from a home maker in Trichy. She is very impressed with our web portal. Her younger brother in Coimbatore is also equally impressed with our postings. What is surprising is that her brother is coming all the way to Chennai just to meet us. They are planning to start their long term SIPs only with us. Nice to know that ‘Wise Wealth Advisors’ is becoming synonymous to long term investing. Got of couple of SIP applications from Bangalore and Kerala also through referrals.

One of our clients has moved to Nagpur and he called me this week. He has been holding blue chip companies for last 2 decades. His dividend yield from them itself is around 12% per annum. Many of these stocks are multi baggers already. He has said that he would continue investing through us. Another gentleman from the same organization has become our client. He has also been holding stocks for long term and has earned a hand some return. It is heartening to note that informed investors like the above find value in our services.

I sent sms to some of you two days ago as to how Sensex has multiplied 6 times every 10 years at 19% annualised returns. At this rate we may even expect the Sensex to be around 129600 points in 2018. Don’t forget the Sensex’s journey started with just 100 in 1980. I got these details from an article in Economic Times. It also further adds that the difference in returns would be just be 0.11% per annum, if you’ve invested on a fixed date (SIP) in a year instead of the date on which Sensex was at its lowest. Don’t invest by timing, give time for your investments to grow.

One observation from my end on the above Para is that with base as 100 in 1980, @19% CAGR, the Sensex works out to 74265 points in the year 2018. I’m unable to understand how the pink paper got the number as 129600. As 74265 look equally impressive, why bother! 

Coal India’s successful debut would encourage Government to bring more public sector companies tapping capital market. I hope pricing is done in such a way that something is left on the table for investors. Merry investing.

I do not know how many of you know about U.G.Krishnamurti. Religious ones and followers of Gurus would be better off not knowing him. I seriously advise you to not to read him as he can be very severely hurting due to his profanity. I share below U.G.’s attitude on Money.

Money is the most important factor in our lives. They say that money is the root cause of all the evil. But actually it is not the root cause of evil; it is the root cause of our existence, of our survival. Tell me one person who is not thinking of money. Not one person on this planet.

Even the holy ones who talk about their indifference to money are concerned about it. How do you think they will get ninety two Rolls Royces? You try and buy one Rolls Royce care; you will know how difficult it is. For the religious people it is easy, because other people deny themselves and give their money to them. So you can be rich at another man’s expense. How much money you need is a different matter. Each one has to draw his own line.

All our religious evangelists who runs mission, trust, foundation and mutts appears more materialistic with their sprawling ashrams running into acres or some time even a small township, educational institutions and enormous never ending funding requirements. Who knows? They may even buy IPL teams. For what? To spread peace. If possible, win a Nobel Peace prize also for spreading peace through IPL. The only difference may be cheer leader girls would be replaced by ‘cheer devotees’ demonstrating chants or some breathing exercises.

I pity the poor creatures who give their life long accumulated wealth to the trusts run by these evangelists and become the inmates of their ashrams- concentration camps, so says J.K.  

These evangelists thrive as they promise eternal bliss, unlimited happiness and all other psychological crutches and crap. I’ve reserved choicest of words to these guys who thrive on manipulating greed and fear of people.

After I wrote about the bugging by positive thinkers, advice from NLP Messiah and other positive thinkers have stopped. Thank you Gentlemen.

There are some who still send me positive thinking quotes. Nothing irritates me more than receiving a positive thinking quote. Having understood my weak point, you are free to irritate me.

There is only thinking. It is both positive and negative. There is good and bad, both inside and outside me. This constant positive thinking and creative visualisation is baloney.

If I want to have a Honda City, let me work for it and buy it. If I feel like eating Idlies, let me ask someone to make it or buy it from a restaurant. Instead why keep visualising, thinking and asserting that ‘I want Honda City’ or ‘I want Idlies’. Height of stupidity.

Felt peaceful after disposing couple of issues of ‘Frozen Thoughts’ to waste paper merchant. I’ll be happy if it is recycled as something useful to people.

I let one insensitive guy from a mutual fund house ruin my Diwali day. I never knew he can be so snobbish and insensitive, though I was suspecting it for quite some time. Being in client management, he thinks his intelligence would take him very far. He has a lot to learn from his name sake in the same cadre in his organization.

I do not know what his boss think about the whole episode. Sent dozen sms’es (as is my stupid habit) to him and his boss pouring out my anguish. Young age, lack of experience, lack of maturity and highest salary in Chennai market for his position… all deadly cocktail to make one insensitive and arrogant. He forgets that he gets these goodies because of people like you and me. Otherwise there is no reason for his professional existence.

How would you feel if I take your relationship for granted and mostly do not return your calls, make you feel that I’m God’s gift to mankind and it is your rare privilege to deal with me. Obviously I’ve to shut the shop and go. There are other good advisors waiting for you in the market.  But this guy would flourish as he is a blue eyed boy of his boss and has no accountability. Though his boss apologized in the past for this guy’s immature behaviour (he told that for his organization selling PMS and bonds are of more importance than resolving a client problem and it is no use even if I escalate the issue to his CEO), his ego never let him apologize for his insensitive remarks and behaviour.  

When I asked him about something on pre-diwali day, he quotes Vivekananda to justify his and his organization’s behaviour. May be I should write to Ramakrishna Mission and ask them whether they own any stake or run his organization. He is a phony to quote Vivekananda to justify his pettiness.

I’m always wary of dealing with geniuses. They lack empathy most of the times, though I cannot paint everyone with the same brush. This mutual fund genius has zero empathy.

Now let us talk about a genius with empathy, Kamal Hassan. Enjoyed his 2 ½ hours interview on Diwali in Vijay TV. His knowledge on Tamil literature and our cultural and religious history is amazing. His rational approach and thinking towards religion and spirituality is refreshing.

The above program is the only show I watched on Diwali. Otherwise the time was spent speaking to people and reading books.

Going to office after a 3 day long weekend may not be appealing to everyone and therefore enjoy your Monday blues!

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