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Weekend Jottings

Posted by Muthu on February 20, 2011

A friend of mine called me a ‘rationalist’ last month and he was quite happy to name me like that because he probably considers himself one.

Well, he has created a problem for himself by labelling me such.

My dear friend, recently I had an interesting session with an astrologer. By saying this I know that I might have come down a bit in your eyes. But you see I never claimed to be a rationalist and if you infer something on your own, you are responsible for your perception.

Long ago I studied some basics of astrology (most of which are forgotten by now) and met numerous astrologers. Most of the prominent astrologers are much worse than the technical analysts, whose job is to predict stock markets on a daily basis. I’m fine with taking up many jobs but definitely not this one. If forced to predict market on a daily basis, I would prefer to take a begging bowl.

Through a friend of mine, I met an old gentleman few years ago. I was told that he is most sought after by certain community and some of the celebrities. You may not know his name as there have been no advertisements, media coverage or web presence for him. But he is known to lot of people and has quite a respect among them. My friend is one such.

From the above meeting, he came across to me as a sincere practitioner of astrology and I carried a good impression about him. He told few things (quite correctly) which other astrologers have never told me.

Last week, I suddenly felt like meeting him. Usually it takes few weeks to months (if he is travelling) to get his appointment. When I called him, he told me that someone has just conveyed their inability to meet that evening due to an exigency and if interested I can meet him.

It was a long drive. He has constructed a temple and lives in a house in the same complex. He doesn’t know English.

I was invited to his room without any waiting.

I started discussing few things about astrology. I told him if astrology is true, ‘pariharams’ should be false. If destiny can be changed, then it does not exist at all in the first place.

He said that destiny is true but ‘pariharams’ to change it are false. He opined that many use it to earn money. Some genuine astrologers may suggest the same as a mode of giving psychological relief, though they know in their heart that no one’s destiny can be changed including that of divine spirits and Gods!

I asked him whether he has done any pariharam for himself. He replied in negative and said that all he can know is that he is going to get into bad time but can do nothing about it. This knowledge helps him to mentally prepare himself to go through bad times and not get very excited during good times.

Looks like all Pariharams, Vaasthu, Numerology, wearing gems etc. are more for Placebo effect.

However he does suggest Pariharams to some people to instill hope!

Without naming, he indicated that some prominent politicians, who were unhappy with him for being candid, later came and literally fell at his feet impressed with his accurate reading of their charts.

I neither fell at his feet nor did he expect me to do so.

He said that he believes in being candid but try to be as soft as possible on negative things.

The discussion continued some more time on certain aspects of astrology. It was interesting.

He asked me to show the charts of myself and my wife and use the opportunity to ask what all answers I need from him.

He is getting very old and the age is catching up with him. He appeared tired.

I asked him about a dozen questions and he answered everything patiently in detail.

He also gave explanation for my non ritualistic and sceptical nature but said that I’ve tremendous amount of faith in God.

He did not suggest me any Pariharams!

We had a discussion on philosophy too for some time. I was surprised by the time he chose to spend with me.

Interestingly he found me to be trustable and good on money matters (I never thought mighty planets and celestial stars would opine such way!) and sought some opinion.

He seemed to be satisfied with my inputs.

I still have mixed opinion about the predictability of future even by genuine astrologers. At the same time I cannot deny my curiosity on this subject.

I’ve made it a point long back NOT to take decisions based on what astrologers say. If what they say is true, it would any how happen whether I go by what they say or otherwise. Isn’t it? This is the real test for astrology.

One thing I can tell. Of all the astrologers I’ve met in life so far, this man appears genuine. I cannot and do not want to vouch for accuracy of his predictions.

For those of you interested in reading about astrology- of many books I’ve read, the easy to understand and good one is that of autobiography of B.V.Raman. I’ve great respect for B.V.Raman, who is one of the greatest astrologers of the last century.

One gentleman who visited our portal and clicked the link U.G. (under Links) felt very upset. He found it difficult to swallow. I simply advised him not to read.

I like U.G. One can know better about him by reading books written about him than by reading his conversations. All the books are available for free in web. He claims no copyright and is fine with anybody reproducing or distorting his ‘teachings’ in the way one wants.

He passed away only few years ago. Had I met him, he would have probably thrown me out and I might have yelled at him for the same. Luckily neither happened.

As I mentioned in the beginning about my rationalist friend, the problem starts when you affix a label of your choice to someone. People are dynamic and so do labels. I don’t believe in ‘inflexible self’.

A decade ago when I had a crisis in my life I did not mind taking opinion from a pontiff and a famous lawyer who is an atheist and was publicly against the pontiff. Both knew that I’m in touch with the other. But both helped me their best.

My health has not been good for more than a month. So my wife is writing ‘Sri Ramajayam’ regularly everyday for my sake. I’m grateful for her concern and care.

If the tables are turned, I would definitely not write ‘Sri Ramajayam’ for her because I’ve zero inclination for the same. My way of expressing care would be different.

Recently when I was speaking to a friend of mine who is also a physician, I opined that the important thing in life is to learn to live with paradoxes both inside and outside us.

These paradoxes are irreconcible and do not follow any logic or reason.

Who said life is all about only logic and reason?

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