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Weekend Jottings

Posted by Muthu on March 27, 2011

Why can’t you be serious? 

Some one asked this question to me few days ago.

The instant answer came to me was that I can be sincere but not serious.

When you take yourself less seriously, then probably it percolates down to other things too.

It is not that life is easy. It is difficult and can be tragic too. But by being very serious about it, one more layer of complexity is only added.

I don’t have answer to life’s problems including my own. Life has more questions than answers. I stopped seeking answers. I just don’t care.

I no longer ask profound questions such as what is the meaning of life. Each individual has to find out his own meaning to live his life. There is no broader meaning.

Ofcourse there is a whole industry out there which not only promises a broader meaning to life but also offer methods and guides to achieve the same.

I don’t want to improve upon this world. Neither the world owes anything to me nor do I owe something to the world. It is just that I happened to be here, till I last.

Though there is a moment of satisfaction when someone comes and tell me that he has benefited because of me, I don’t take it beyond that.

Some wants to know who would advice them if I die! I wonder why I get such questions. Why me? Probably something is written on my face which I’m unable to see in the mirror? Or is it 7 ½ years Sani I’m going through?

There are enough and more advisors who are there and would be born to help them out when my time to leave this planet comes. Or may be I would continue advising them through Ouija board. They may contact ‘Aavi’ Amudha for further guidance.

I get emails from many unknown people these days. Some of the mails I get make me think that there are people out there who have ample time at their disposal than me.

One gentleman wrote to me that he wants my advice to become ‘Warren Buffett’ of India and is willing to pay me ‘any fee’ for it. All I can tell him is that I can pay him back one rupee more than what I receive from him, if he can help me become one.

Someone wanted to reach stars through investing. I told him that I’m figuring my way out to climb a tree.

I’m only a personal financial advisor. I neither have any magic formula nor am I a born genius like Warren Buffett.

Or probably these people should be approaching evangelists who lectures or writes about ‘create visualization’, the ‘secret’ to achieve anything by thinking about or desiring it. One should never ask a question why they need to make a living only through sharing this secret of visualization instead of themselves achieving what they want.

By the bye, as I mentioned earlier when I mistakenly purchased some old copies of ‘Frozen Thoughts’ last year, they were promptly sold back to a waste paper merchant. I also purchased then ‘The Unposted Letter’. I paid Rs.350/- for the same. No, I’m not regretting. If I start regretting I’ve to regret for ever so many things in life. I’ve to dedicate the rest of my life for it.

I’ve an offer. I understand that the author of the book has good following. Any good hearted soul can meet me and obtain the copy I’ve for just Rs.100/-. Hurry this offer lasts only till someone makes up his mind. You be that early bird!

Now a days, I mostly avoid or minimise ‘self help’ or ‘how to’ books. A ‘Self help’ book is to help the author who has no other way of financially helping himself.

Interestingly I read in ‘Simple Fly’ by Captain G.R.Gopinath, John Grey of ‘Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus’ fame (and many others titles that followed the same) availed a charted trip from Deccan to visit a Godman to offer his gratitude for answering his prayer of making his books into best seller list.

Talking about self help and psychologists!

Now I also understand why in clinics they have somebody sitting to ensure that the money is paid by the patients before they leave. Doctors are more practical than others. Not only they know the human anatomy, they also understand human nature.

In the last few months, I’ve encountered instances where some people forgot to bring money though they have been told about the consultation fee in advance. Almost all of them have promptly paid me subsequently. But a negligible few simply choose to disappear. It is not that I cannot follow up with him. But I feel better off not having such clients.

So I write them off- not as bad debts – but as ‘Vidya Dhaan’.

One young man called me 2 weeks ago and wanted an appointment for 2 hours. I told him my fee. He wanted to know what if he is not satisfied with my consultation. Why then he should pay for the same?

I told him that this is the first lesson in risk he needs to understand. Life does not come with any guarantee. I’ve no intention of providing any money back offer. I also quizzed, has he not come out of a consultation with a Doctor unsatisfied. Was he able to take this line of argument for not paying the Doctor?

Then he changed his line of argument and said that if I don’t charge him any fee, he would bring many of his friends to me. I asked him again what if all his friends also going to say the same thing. I would end up providing free service to many instead of one!

May be he will come back with a fresh proposal and I need to figure a way out for countering the same.

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