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Personal Finance lessons from Lord Shiva

Posted by Muthu on March 29, 2011

I never thought I would get so many responses on the piece I wrote about personal finance lessons we can learn from Lord Balaji and Kubera.

Hard core devotees of Lord Balaji too were kind enough to share their delight.

Some one asked me whether Lord Shiva has no lessons to offer.  Why not I write about it?

See, this age old competition between ardent followers of both is not new!

The tradition continues.

What we can learn from Lord Shiva?

The most important lesson Shiva offers is keeping stock market under one’s control.

I’m talking about Nandi, the big bull. The big bull listens only to Shiva. Everyone who is associated with stock market always hope for bull run- the big bull run.

Here a word about Lord Vishnu. He is equally smarter. Since bull and bear market are inseparable elements of stock market, as Shiva took bull under his control, Vishnu took bear under his control. Bear, the big bear, Jambavan is an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu.

So without the help of both Shiva and Vishnu, you cannot navigate through stock markets. Your SIPs work because of both Shiva and Vishnu – bull and bear markets.

Shiva is an example of simple living, which forms the foundation of personal finance. He leads an austere life and has very few needs.

Since real estate is expensive, he chose to live in a mountain with his family.

People who are planning to borrow extensively for their dream home can introspect on this.

For their convenience, I would like to point out that there are hillocks in and around Chennai.

For those who think twice about involving your wife in financial planning, Shiva values his better half so much that he shares half of his body with her.

Shiva is noted for his detachment, a quality without which you would never make it meaningful in the world of investments. Detachment from greed and fear would ensure financial independence.

He had a simple marriage with Parvathi. Though people from all worlds attended it, the marriage was still conducted in mountains.

No borrowing whatsoever for his marriage, though he married the daughter of King Himavan.

He brought up his two kids also in mountain, educating them himself. Shiva did not believe in spoiling his kids with money instead chose to illuminate with knowledge.

Who explains better than Shiva that investment in knowledge pays the best interest?

To become Kott’eswaran’ (Crorepathi), we need to learn and absorb the above things from the legend of Eswara.

Though Shiva leads a simple life style, he is known to be a giver of whatever boons people aspire for.

Giving is also a vital aspect of personal finance.

Ofcourse, some demons have grossly misused this trait of him.

But probably this is unavoidable in philanthropy.

People who are into philanthropy may be little cautious, as demons are always around, irrespective of Yuga.

Since Shiva is good at personal finance, if he starts a personal finance advisory firm, I would be happy to join him.

He may name the firm as ‘Nandi Advisors’, in honour of the eternal big bull.

3 Responses to “Personal Finance lessons from Lord Shiva”

  1. Great comments and teachings. We need to see how the teachings of great personalities like Lord Siva are relevant to our every day lives.

    Lord SIva is always looking out for the welfare of others, as when he drank all the poison that was generated from the ocean of Milk . He was so considerate he did not swallow so that Lord Krsna in his heart would not be incovenienced

  2. Karthick said

    இ சா thanks for this wonderfull message… it has great meaning on it own… இ is the silent word in pancha putha..

  3. Pragatheswaran Sundramoorthy said

    Thought for the day sir. Good to read in a different language yet more relevant to ppl of the Indian soil.

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