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Weekend Jottings

Posted by Muthu on May 29, 2011

Suffering from fever for last 2 weeks. I was able to manage the first week by not skipping any activity. For the last one week, I’m operating from home. Some tests have been taken yesterday and results need to be shown to Doctor tomorrow. The annual tests I take just to be sure that what is inside is fine (I’m not talking about brain!) as I use pain killers regularly for migraine were also done yesterday.

With phone, email, web access and efficient staff, all activities are going smoothly except that I’ve rescheduled some appointments.

Since the coming week would be hectic both on personal and official fronts, request that any personal meetings may be planned in the week beginning June 6th.

I get many queries from people who visit our blogs as to why don’t I post something everyday. My blog is a repository of what I write to my clients and I don’t blog perse. I’ve been writing to you ever since I had only handful of clients. Since some of you suggested, what I write may be useful for others too and would also help me get some visibility; I started posting what I share with you.

I would like to keep writing to you atleast once a week, possibly twice.

I also get atleast few calls a month regularly from fellow professionals across the country that they find what I write useful to them too. This definitely gives me a sense of satisfaction.

From my experience with few voluntary associations of professionals, I see that some office bearers feel threatened when their point of view or opinion is challenged. When people run professional associations, they should be ready for different views and allow space for the same. In their personal portals or organizations, they can put only their views; when it comes to associations, they should be open enough. It is not their kingdom!

In that sense, I appreciate politicians. Whatever said and done, it needs lot of mental strength to face volley of criticisms from different quarters on a daily basis. Or probably one needs different kind of skin to be in politics?

Talking about politics, I really appreciate ‘Cho’ Ramaswamy. Politics – State, National and International- always interest me and I’ve never missed voting for a single assembly, parliamentary or even panchayat polls in the last 2 decades; thanks to Rajiv Gandhi who made the voters age as 18 years and passed away shortly before I casted my first vote.

‘Cho’ is one of the key architects in bringing change of governments in our state both in 1996 and 2011. Though I’ve not always agreed with his views, his intelligence, courage, sticking to his views despite lot of criticism merits admiration. This is more so in the context of castiest colour given for any political opinion. One would also remember how he has always been strongly critical of LTTE even when they had lot of support in Tamilnadu.Lotof guts is required to take such a stand, if one considers the fate of people who took a similar stance.

His 4 decade old political satire ‘Mohammad  Bin Tughlaq’ continues to be applicable to our country even now, probably for a long time to come.

In the last 20 years, I feel that we had good governments in 1996-2001 and 2001-2006. Ten good years for the state, though different parties ruled in the 2 tenures. I hope that we can expect development to be the core agenda of the new government. Tamilnadu has grown relatively better than lot other states on various fronts, despite politicians; because of the social revolution happened in the last century. If development becomes our agenda, I think we would do much better.

I’ve mentioned about U.G.Krishnamurti before and have also cautioned that those who would be hurt by profanity may avoid reading him. I thought of sharing some of his words of wisdom, which does not contain anything profane.

1)  All I can guarantee you is that as long as you are searching for happiness, you will remain unhappy.

2)  You mistakenly believe that by pursuing the spiritual goal you will somehow miraculously make your material goals simple and manageable.

3)  The plain fact is that if you don’t have a problem, you create one. If you don’t have a problem you don’t feel that you are living.

4)  It is not love, compassion, humanism or brotherly sentiments that will save mankind. It is the sheer terror of extinction that can save us, if anything can. Soon we will all come to know one simple thing; if I try to destroy you, I will also be destroyed.

5) You may accept yourself and others as you and they are because they cannot and will not change, nor can you.

6) We being what we are, the world cannot be any different.

7) Our whole existence revolves around selling and buying, and that includes our spiritual ideas.

8) Religious authority wants to continue its hold on people, but religion is entirely an individual affair.

9) Harsh fact is the greatest teacher. It is that which will spur you into action.

10) No one is sent by anybody to change anything in this world. No special mandate is given to anybody.

11) If there is a war going on with in us, we cannot expect a peaceful world around us. We will certainly create wars.

12) There are moments of happiness and there are moments of unhappiness. There is no such thing as permanent happiness.

13) Wanting any pleasure to last forever is pain.

14) The destructive, war making movement and the humanitarian movement on the other hand are both born from the same source.

15) My interest is to point out to you that you can walk, and please throw away all those crutches. If you are really handicapped, I wouldn’t advise you to do any such thing. But you are made to feel by other people that you are handicapped so that they could sell you those crutches. Throw them away and you can walk. That’s all that I can say. ‘If I fall….’ – that is your fear. Put the crutches away, and you are not going to fall.

16) A real guru, if there is one, frees you from himself.

17) There has been no qualitative change in man’s thinking; we feel about our neighbours just as the frightened caveman felt towards his. The only thing that has changed is our ability to destroy our neighbour and his property.

18) It is the ones who believe in God, who preach peace and talk of love, who have created the human jungle. Compared to man’s jungle, nature’s jungle is simple and sensible! In nature animals don’t kill their own kind. That is part of the beauty of nature. In this regard man is worse than the other animals. The so-called “civilized” man kills for ideals and beliefs, while the animals kill only for survival.

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