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Posted by Muthu on September 21, 2012

Most people think Narendra Modi is a bachelor. He is married and his wife is a school teacher. Her name is Jashodaben Chimanlal Modi. She is very keen to live with her husband and feel one day he will take her back. No one knows why she is estranged from her husband. 

Robert Vadra, Priyanka’s husband had 2 siblings – a sister and a brother. His sister died in a car accident and his brother committed suicide. His father Rajendra Vadra too committed suicide. All these happened in the last one decade. 

Priyanka Gandhi is a Vipassana meditation practitioner and spends 2 hours a day in meditation. Vipassana is a very tough meditation practice and I would write my experience in another piece. When she was pregnant, she made it a point to go for 10 day Vipassana camp which is supposed to help the baby in the womb. She has also done her masters in Budhhist studies. 

Sonia Gandhi’s father was a building mason and she has studied only till high school. She went to U.K to learn English and was working as a waitress in a restaurant to sustain herself. Rajiv was then a student of Cambridge and met her in the same restaurant.  Rajiv was unable to clear the exams and hence discontinued his education. He too has studied only till high school.  Indira and Sanjay too finished only high school. 

Vajpayee though officially a bachelor, enjoyed the company of women, regular drinker of alcohol, not a very religious person, never liked Modi and even wanted to dismiss his government for religious killings, adopted the mother of his adopted daughters too…. if you want to know more, there are many sources and one such is the book ‘Lucknow Boy’ by Vinod Mehta, editor of Outlook Magazine. 

Every time an infectious disease arises, we shout the end of the world. We human beings were about to be wiped out so many times but has survived. For example, there was a virus known as Spanish Flu between 1918 to 1920. The population of the world then was then 186 crores. 500 million people or close to 30% of the world’s population was infected with this virus and out of them 100 million died. 

In 14th century, black death, created by fleas and rats killed around 60% of the population in Europe and reduced the world population by 30%. 

India had a series of famines, the last one being in 1943, popularly known as Bengal famine, which killed 4 million people. 

If we think world war or Hitler has only killed maximum number of people in the 20th century, here are some more. Mao was responsible for killing 40 million people in China under cultural revolution or ‘Great Leap Forward’. 

Stalin killed 20 million people of his country. When M.Karunandhi said that he got inspired by Stalin and hence kept the same name for his son, I used to wonder what inspiration one can get from Stalin. 

In comparison to Mao, Hitler killed ‘only’ 34 million people. 

Under Lenin’s rule in USSR, ‘just’ a million people were killed. Polpot of Cambodia killed the entire educated people of the country, roughly 20 million people. Any one who was wearing spectacles also considered as educated and got killed.  

Another cruel idiot by name Genghis Khan killed 40 million people, 10% of the world population then. 

60 million black people from Africa died in the process of being sent as slaves to United States. 

At the time of Christ, the world population was only 300 million or 30 crores, equivalent to the population of United States today.

Even 100 years ago, the world population was around 1.5 billion. We have multiplied ourselves by 4.6 times to 7 billion today. 

Another cruel crack pot by name Timur in 14th century killed 20 million people. He is a Muslim ruler but fought with other Muslim rulers whom he thought as liberal. As a Mughal emperor in India gave some concessions to practice Hinduism, which he considered as ‘infidel’ and killed over one lakh people in Delhi. Likewise he killed lot of people of in Baghdad (Mesopotamian Civilisation) as they were liberal in religion. 

Aurangazeb, a worst Mughal ruler, killed 2 million people. In the 700 year of Mughal rule, around 50 to 80 million Hindus were killed for religious reasons, probably the biggest holocaust in the history?! It is said that Sikhism came in 15th century, only to protect the natives with sword. 

I can write pages and pages on human beings killing other human beings. The history of human race is fully coloured with blood and most of the time one’s religion or belief is the root cause of the violence. 

Tamil is the oldest language in our country. The birth of  Tamil is estimated to be 3000 to 5000 years ago.  Telugu- 2400 years, Kannada- 2500 years and Malyalam- 900 years, the youngest of Dravidian language and is a variant of Tamil. 

Compared to this, Hindi is only 1000 years old. Sanskrit along with the Tamil is considered as the oldest language in India. It is estimated to be 3000 years old. 

Classic Sanskrit’s origin can be attributed to Panini’s grammar in 4thBC and that of Classic Tamil to Tholkappiyam in 3’rd BC. Sanskrit for all practical purpose is now dead. After Sanskrit and before Hindi, Pali was the most spoken language in India. Like Sanskrit, Pali is also dead. These 2 languages are now used only for religious purposes.  

The following languages are considered as the oldest in the world- Tamil, Sanskrit, Mandarin, Latin, Greek and Lithuanian. 

Modern English is 500 years old and Anglo-Saxon from which the modern English originated is 1500 years old. 

Astrology is the integral part of many people lives. The current form of Indian astrology (Jyotish) is roughly 2500 years old. Astrology did not originate first from Indus valley civilization but from Mesopotamia civilization. I studied astrology methodically and sincerely at some point of time and even used to even see charts. Even while studying I had lingering questions. First like all the people of that time, the Indian astrology too thought Earth is the centre and all the planets including sun revolved around it. At that time, Moon was considered as a planet as the science has not yet found out that moon is not a planet but a satellite around the earth. The eclipse days were calculated correctly but their belief was that 2 planets Rahu and Ketu were responsible for the same. Later science found that no such planets exist in the solar system. 

One reputed astrologer told me that Parasara’s Horasastra and Saravali was 10,000 years old. Ten thousand years ago, Sanskrit did not exist. Saravali was compiled by Kalyanavarman, belonging to Varman dynasty in the 8th century. If you’ve not heard about Varman dynasty, they are the one who ruled Kamarupa. If you want to know where Kamarupa is now, it is called as Assam. 

There is no need to be harsh on our ancestors as they did what is best to their knowledge at that point of time. They did not know about gravitational force, solar system etc. The problem starts only when we try to prove them correct even now and having many lives spoiled by superstitions. 

One gentleman told me that it is wrong to attribute the credit of air travel to Wright brothers as long ago even Ravana used a plane known as Pushpak. I’ve no answer for such questions:-) 

Some one spoke to me about reaching the entire world. He said if something he prepared in ‘YouTube’ reaches even one person in another country, then it can be considered as having global reach. Well then all of us now have reach to the entire planet. Unbelievable?! India, United States, Australia, UK, UAE, Germany, Kuwait, Singapore, Canada, Bahrain, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Qatar, Malaysia, France, Japan, Switzerland, Oman, Belgium, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Denmark, Spain, Pakistan, Brazil, Norway, Netherlands, Sweden, Ghana, Ireland, Angola, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Iceland, Nigeria, Newzeland, Romania, Kenya, Nepal, Argentina, Poland, Finland, South Africa, Philippines, Jordan, Tanzania, Puerto Rico, Israel, Mauritius, Luxembourg, Guernsey, Jersey, Azerbaijan, Russia, Albania, Portugal, Greece, Myanmar, Saint Lucia, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Colombia, Cote d Ivorie, Slovakia, Bahamas, Latvia, Chile, Austria, Czech, Zimbabwe, Cyprus, Trinidad and Tobago and Lithuania – 76 countries! 

From February 25th 2012, Word Press gives a daily, weekly, monthly count of hits from various countries in the descending order. In the last 6 months, our portal has got hit from the above 76 countries. There are totally 192 countries in the world. I’m going to wait for hits from the rest of the world:-) In the above list, I was not even aware of existence of Guernsey and Jersey. I’ve no clue why some one in Guernsey would read what I write. This holds good for many other countries as well.  

Last Trivia: Two days ago Vedu was as usual playing with me. I was lying down on the bed and he was standing and playing. Suddenly he stood above my face (i.e.) each leg on either side of the face. He gave me the most mischievous smile. I immediately realized what he was up to and shouted ‘No No’. It was too late. I was blessed with the holy water on my face.

2 Responses to “Trivias”

  1. Vijay said

    Nice writeup with lots of information in three different topics.

    In my words, I believe that it is the “belief of better tomorrow drives the humankind”.
    I haven’t read about most acclaimed book “Man’s search for meaning” (by Viktor Frankl chronicling his experiences as a concentration camp inmate and describing his psychotherapeutic method of finding a reason to live), will do someday, may hold some answers for us to be forward looking towards life.

    Some of our ancestors or elders way… may sound as superstitious … but there is a reason behind some of them (if not most of them as they might have been skewed over the years). In a similar act to your son….my son kinda of kicked my father in a family function…when I started correcting my son….he told others that it is “punniyam” (privilege) to get kicked by grandchildren. While we cannot expect kids to have adult like maturity (then they are not kids)…these types of substitutions (or superstitious) by our elders… is to put a meaning that they are situation to enjoy the moment.

  2. Vijay said

    Oh! an oversight….forgot to congratulate on your expedition! and wish it reaches the entire world.
    Is there any idea of sharing your ideas over youtube

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