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Posted by Muthu on June 15, 2014

My frequency of writing has come down significantly over the last few months though I continue to keep sharing some good articles with you.

I’ve so far written / posted 350 articles over the last five years. All these are available in our blog archives. In personal finance, there is nothing much to share as knowledge than the basics I’ve repeatedly covered. Even these 350 articles contain lot of repetition. These repetitions are aimed at positive reinforcement to shape one’s behavior and attitude towards money and investing. Knowledge is easy to acquire and behavior is difficult to shape. Hence the repeated reinforcement.

I’m already seeing results of the effort. Though there were some doubts and hesitation, most of you decided to stay the course. Looking at your portfolios now, I feel very happy what your discipline has done for you. This is just the beginning and you would be in for more positive surprises over next 5 years. Unless you experience it, it is very difficult to explain what a bull market can do for one’s portfolio and wealth. For me personally, last bull market made us self sufficient and this one would make our family rich. Assuming you continue to stay the course, many of you would be far wealthier than what you are today and I urge you to utilize this opportunity to become financially independent.

In tough times, you need lot of reinforcement in terms of my writing and talking. In good times, you may not need much reinforcement because the results itself would motivate you to stay the course. My job is difficult in a bear market and easy in bull market. Seasonal:-)

I heard someone saying that Congress / UPA focused more on distribution of wealth in the form of welfare schemes and subsidies. Whereas BJP under Modi is focused on creation of wealth though building infrastructure, creating jobs etc. For a poor country like India, creation of wealth (building the nation) should be the primary focus. I would not be surprised if this government takes some unpopular decisions which would ultimately benefit the economy.

Many are cynical what the new government or one man can do to change things. I differ from this school of thought. I’m confident that this government would be able to do many basic things right which itself would have multiplier effect on the economy. Already the government has started taking baby steps in this regard. A focused and determined leader who is personally not corrupt can set many things right. I’ve no reason to doubt why Modi would not be able to do the same.

There is no need to expect any miracles from Modi. Going by the experience of last 5 years, good governance and efficient administration itself is a miracle. It is sad to note that despite left tantrums, UPA-1 did well and in spite of more independence, UPA-2 failed miserably on many parameters.

Though I do not write about politics, I just wanted to touch upon this as the change has a positive effect on the economy. When macros become better, corporate earnings pick up and jobs get created. When earnings pick up, stock markets do well. When stock market does well, our wealth multiplies.

I hope in the years to come you would continue to stay the course with renewed conviction.

All the best.

3 Responses to “350+”

  1. Milind said

    Hi Muthu….You said very correctly….Your writing came down ……We do learn,and,enjoy your reinforcements …..even in Bull Market it is required that we participate aggresivly as Modi Reforms can be felt over 5 year period….Keep writing atleast alternate Sunday with Discipline ! It will be a great pleasure and,reinforcer in this early phase of Bull Market

  2. rajivahuja said

    I agree with your observations.

  3. Deepak Srivastava said

    I am now a firm believer of the long term investment in Mutual Fund. In 2007, had invested an amount in SBI Magnum Taxgain and during the coming years found the value of the investment reducing by more than 70%. Got dividend every year which was reinvested and today in 2014 the investment has doubled giving a annualized return of 14.2%. Was lucky that the fund declared dividend every year.

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