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My rank is 20,84,028. Yours?

Posted by Muthu on October 16, 2014

I found an interesting website today.

It is http://www.globalrichlist.com/

Based on one’s income and wealth, it calculates and shows your rank in the global rich list.

Based on our family income, we stand at 20,84,028th rank globally (top 0.03% of the population).

Based on our family wealth, we stand at 64,24,381st rank globally (top 0.14% of the population).

Using the calculator, I plugged in the details of our relatives, friends, clients, colleagues, even our maid, driver, cook etc.

I found the whole exercise very interesting and insightful.

The website is self explanatory and provides tips on how to fill the few fields of data it is asking for.

The methodology of calculation is also given.

Play around and find out your rank.

You’ll count your blessings.

5 Responses to “My rank is 20,84,028. Yours?”

  1. Venky said

    Dear Muthu,
    This seems to be adjusted for PPP, as I entered my details in multiple currencies and I get different answers.

  2. Yathartha said

    Is there a way you can calculate rank in India? what will 2000000th rank in world will mean for India?

  3. MC said

    Thank you. I found this quiet interesting.
    By the way for a smart,intelligent and hard worker like you 45 Lacs per annum is a ‘less’ income.!!. [I worked back on the ‘finder’ to estimate your income !!!].

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