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Why I write?

Posted by Muthu on October 25, 2014

It’s 5 years since I’ve started writing regularly; at least twice a month.

For last 2 months, I’ve increased the frequency of writing. It would go on like this for a while.

We are creatures of habits. Positive habit formation takes time and it needs periodic reinforcement to keep going.

I wanted to create the habits of long term investment, patience and ignoring market volatility in each one of you. More than any investment or product advice, it’s your psychology that would determine how much wealth you would create in long run. I wanted to create and sustain that attitude in you. That’s why I started writing.

I’m happy to see that in many of you the seeds of long term investing have grown well over the years and I’m continuing to write to nourish the same.

As I tell repeatedly, I want you to aim really big amount which can be built over next one to two decades.

But more than you I’ve been the utmost beneficiary of my writings.

During the last 5 years, I was able to develop strongly the very same virtues I’m trying to develop in you. Repeated reading, thinking and writing has strengthened these traits in me.

I’m able to completely internalize long term orientation, having patience and ignoring market volatility.

But for my repeated writing to you, these traits would not have strengthened to the extent it is today. I’ve come to a stage now where I would continue to write even if you don’t read the same. Having realized how it benefits me, I don’t want to let go this practice.

I’m grateful to each one of you. I was under the foolish thought that I was only strengthening your traits when the reality is I got benefited as much or more than you. We are strengthening each other.

I now have a good income and a decent asset base. Roughly in another 2 decades, I would be 60. Assuming God gives me longevity, with this base, in another 20 years I would be able to build a fortune. I’m 100% convinced about it.

I’m equally convinced that it is possible for each one of you as well.

Invest for long term, invest regularly, have enormous patience and completely ignore market volatility. The fortune would be ours.

I would continue to write so that both you and I stay the course.

Thank You.

8 Responses to “Why I write?”

  1. rajivahuja said

    I really look forward to your writings.

    With warm regards,

    Rajiv Ahuja

    ( I tried inserting my comments under your article but word press rejected me ,thus I am using e-mail )

  2. jayantfine said


  3. avinash said

    Fantastic write up sir. You are our inspiration

  4. lakshmipathy said

    At times it is good to be reminded (atleast for me) to stay in course. Thanks for reminding with your writing.

  5. dsivarajan said

    I am a regular reader of your articles in Twitter. Appreciated your efforts always. God bless you to continue your informative ideas and information sharing,,,

  6. your page is now my homepage . i dont miss any your writing since
    2 months

  7. Manoj said

    Why don’t you write a book on personal finance with Indian context. It should be yearly updated with recent changes.

  8. Nilesh said

    Hello Muthu,

    You have been a great writer. To make a note, this was the first day I started reading your blogs and I am so convinced that, at least once in a day I will go and read you blogs and try to act on them…..fantastic…keep the good work on

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