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Writing a Book

Posted by Muthu on November 24, 2014

During last few years, some of you’ve suggested that I write a book. My standard response is that there are enough and more already available and why write one more.

A friend and client of mine who also writes well suggested that why don’t we write the stories of ordinary, unknown people who created good wealth by disciplined and intelligent investing. It is something like ‘Common People, Uncommon Wisdom’!

We’ve decided to write this together. We want to start and complete it by 2015.

We are not worried whether the book sells or not. Ordinary people achieving extra-ordinarily in their personal finance and wealth building is the theme which motivates us to write. Like my blog, this book would be a medium to share what we want to.

I’m making this public so that

  • There would be enough motivation (external pressure!) for us to complete this project.
  • You can share your inputs and suggestions on the theme of the book and how we can go about working on the same.

Request your feedback and suggestions.

9 Responses to “Writing a Book”

  1. Venkateswaran Muthukrishnan said

    Well done, Muthu!! I am booking the first copy!!

    I am sure your book would be a fantastic read. You have a great gift of writing and you are well read as well. Look forward to seeing the book in 2015.


    *M. Venkateswaran, A.C.A., CFP **CM *

    Certified Financial Planner

    *|* * Acuwealth Advisors – Personal Financial Solutions** | *

    É *98415 67379*

    *: *venkat@acuwealth.com **|** venkytuty@gmail.com *


  2. Hi Muthukrishnan,

    I would like to begin with saying thanks and an appreciation for taking such a wonderful initiative on the said topic.

    My request to you are : A. It will be amazing if you also include individuals who are scary or averse of stock markets, mutual funds but have made good money by investing in their businesses. At the end of the day “investment” is a broader term by itself ; B. Also you can also include the psychology of certain individuals who had bitten multiple times but still not losing the habit of investing in stock markets; C. Your book may also cover the behavioural patterns of individuals.

    I will share more if something crosses my mind during the course. All the best!!

    Umamaheswaran V
    AVP & Zonal Head, Religare Invesco, TN & Kerala.

  3. Nishanth Muralidhar said

    Muthu , great to see this initiative . You should keep it simple , so that either an expert or layman can easily digest the concepts. Like the stories you have shared on the blog , you absolutely must write about the people , who not having any high incomes or prior knowledge of stock markets , made disproportionate amount of wealth by buying and holding through bull and bear markets alike .How they built their portfolios , how they weathered all the storms , will be instructive reading to all aspiring wealth creators out there

  4. We all know who Prashant Jain is and what he has done for the 3 funds he manages. But it would be insightful to know those handful of SIP investors who would’ve created wealth since the start of these funds. Excellent thought and initiative.

  5. Ashfaq Ahmed said

    Hi Muthu; I am a passionate follower of yours. I am glad that you have planned to pen a book. I liked its theme too “Common People, Uncommon Wisdom” Its a great Idea!! I am sure it will be a good read for a common men like most of us. I look forward to you completing it ASAP; Wish you all the best;

  6. Dr. Viraj Shah MD(ped) said

    Dear Muthuji,
    Thrilled by your idea.I am a doctor(child-specialist) by profession and started investing in equity market since 2006-07, lost money in 2008 crash.Started reading a lot thereafter and now going to become financially free( 50 times of annual expenses in financial assets+debt free home) in next 3 years.I can share my story if it helps you while quoting real life story.
    wish you all the best.

  7. pprasant said

    Hi Muthu,

    Fantastic idea and please do let us know when the book comes out – I will be the first one to buy it.

  8. Kishor said

    fantastic initiative Muthu ji,
    what a great idea….
    We have read a lot many foreign author books and some indian author books, who have made a fortune in equity but never heard a story or related book of a common man (next door neighbor) in india who has made a fortune. Your book would surely be a chicken soup of the investing community.


  9. Sainath said

    Wish you all the best for this excellent endeavour. Hope to read it soon. I am sure it will make a lot of sense to first time investors like me.

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