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Rajini in & as ‘SIP’aran

Posted by Muthu on December 28, 2014

It’s the last Sunday of the year. On a lighter note, I want to share with you a piece I wrote four years ago when Rajini’s Endhiran was released.

Subsequent to writing this piece, I did see the movie and liked it as well!

Please read on:

If you are in Tamilnadu, for the last one week wherever you go, whatever you see, it is most likely that you would be hearing only about ‘Endhiran’.

My friends who have seen the movie has said that the movie doesn’t match the hype that is being generated. I’ve no intention of seeing the movie. Since my wife very badly wants to see the movie, I’m sending her along with my mother-in-law (it’s time to pay her back).

Since I’m hearing, reading and seeing a lot about ‘Endhiran’, I had a dream last night. As our former president Mr.Abdul Kalam said, I dream a lot. This dream is the price I paid for thinking about SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) always, not listening to my wife’s warning that I’m getting obsessed about SIP these days.

This is the dream.

All the AMCs (‘Asset Management Companies’ who manage the mutual funds) in India decide that they want to promote SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) in a unique way.

They want to make a movie on SIP. They want to do it an expensive way too, because the most expensive the movie, the better it is. That is how the film industry works, why this movie alone should be an exception?

Since Rajini’s movies are the most expensive in Asia and ‘Endhiran’ being no exception, the AMCs decide to retain the same cast for SIParan.

Both the hero and the villain of the movie is Rajinikanth.

Aishwarya Rai is the heroine.

Hero Rajini is going to college. Since audience may not accept Rajini as a college student anymore, he is the youngest professor (maximum 30 years old, beyond that nobody in Tamilnadu wants him to grow). He always roams around with students, spending money, neither saving nor investing.

Aishwarya Rai is an investment advisor, very badly looking for clients, who seem to have disappeared these days.

She drops into college where Hero Rajini is working.

She sees Rajini and he sees her, immediately angels shower flowers, rain start pouring and there is a group dance.

After that is over, both of them come back to their senses and Rajini already in love with Aish and is willing to even give his life for her.

Aish doesn’t want his life but SIPs from him.

Rajini invests in SIPs and in due course marries Aish.

The movie does not end there.

Villain Rajini enters the scene as a new professor in the college (one shouldn’t ask stupid questions like how two similar looking persons can be in the same college, there lies the story knot) and he is a stock trader.

Hero Rajini (HR) comes in Santro where as Villain Rajini (VR) in Honda City.

HR lives in a rented flat whereas the VR owns a villa house.

VR tells HR that he is stupid to be investing through SIP and instead should actively trade in stocks like him. He argues that SIP is boring and instead trading everyday is not only exciting but has made him lot richer.

VR never tells him about his debts and leveraged positions and only shows him his possessions.

HR is very angry with Aish for misleading him and has a tiff with her. Aish with tears explains stock trading is gambling where as SIP is a steady way to build one’s wealth. She vows to make HR richer than VR. A total of 30% of HR’s salary now is being invested in SIP.

Years roll on. Some days VR looks optimistic and some days pessimistic. Like markets, he is also becoming manic-depressive. He sells his Honda City and mortgages his villa house to pay margin calls for trading.

By this time HR owns a flat, has good financial assets and buys a Honda City.

VR looses all his money, has severe debts, becomes irregular to college and lose his job too.

HR and Aish feels for VR.

In the mean time HR’s mother comes from village (the hero’s mother always live in native village).

She sees VR and narrates a flash back that VR is his twin brother and was given for adoption to a stock trader.

HR finds out that VR’s adopted father having lost all his money in stock trading is doing penance for his sins by staying in Benares.

VR reunites with his family, stops trading, goes back to job again, starts SIP, gets married and settles well in life, all happen in 3 minutes through a song.

I wake up with severe migraine.

I don’t own any copyright for this story, as it is a divine inspiration through dream, so AMCs may use the story freely.

All I request is a small role in the movie, as having seen my face in small screen; I want to make it to big screen too.

4 Responses to “Rajini in & as ‘SIP’aran”

  1. Suresh said

    Made me smile! Actually the story line is quite good! Far better than a whole lot of movies currently being produced!

  2. Susil Kumar S said

    Hi Muthu! I am Susil. I have been reading all your articles, which I find not only interesting but also informative. Though I do trading, on almost regular basis (please do not ask me about my net profit (!!) at the end of the month), I focus my investment on MF SIP too. Thanks to you. Your site was introduced by my cousin. I must thank him a lot too.

    The above story was very interesting.

  3. Saswata said

    Muthu you have a great blog going here!
    I want to bring to your notice that you keep using ‘loose’ instead of ‘lose’, ‘looses’ instead of ‘loses’; requesting you to rectify this in future posts. Regards,

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