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Walk and SIP

Posted by Muthu on January 18, 2015

This was my last tweet for 2014:

“One habit to cultivate in 2015: Walking for Health & SIP for Wealth. Both are excellent habits. Give it a sincere try.”

I’m literally ‘walking’ the talk.

I’m an inactive person. There has to be at least 150 minutes (2.5 hours) of physical activity every week to get classified as ‘moderately inactive’ instead of ‘totally inactive’.

Being ‘moderately inactive’ is a relatively much better state than ‘totally inactive’. Please search the net if you want more details in this regard.

I’ve been trying to walk regularly for last few years. After lot of slips and misses, stopping and starting, again stopping and restarting, doing it so many times, slowly and steadily it has become a habit by now. I never lost hope and stopped trying though I failed in my effort innumerable times.

Now I walk 5 or 6 days every week. I walk bare minimum 30 minutes a day. I’m planning to make it 45 minutes a day before end of this year. The maximum time I plan to walk is not more than an hour. This would take another year or two to evolve.

Some people are lucky to get good habits formed quickly. In wealth, good habits came to me much naturally and early. Not as early as I would have expected for compounding to work it wonders; nevertheless it came at a time when it matters. If I’ve not developed wealth building habits by thirties, I would not be where I expect to be in another 20 years; in my sixties.

In health, it has taken me lot of time for a good habit to develop. I’m 42 and only now I’m able to say with confidence I’ve developed a good habit; walking regularly almost every day. My doctor tells me that I would have been in a better shape now if I had started walking at the same time I started focusing on wealth building. Despite my laziness and lack of will, by sheer repetition, despite failing ever so many times, I’m able to now develop this habit.

Repetition is the key to habit formation. That’s why I repeatedly reinforce the same principles in my writings as well. Once a positive habit is formed and is repeatedly reinforced, result would automatically take care of itself.

Even in wealth building, I’ve increased my monthly SIP contribution substantially from this month.

You are all doing SIPs for wealth. I don’t know what you are doing for your health. Make it a point to do some activity for at least 150 minutes a week. We need to be healthy or at least be alive to enjoy the fruits of financial independence.

The simple and easiest thing to do is to walk regularly.

Like SIP, walking is a wonderful habit. Must for you. Keep trying till it becomes a habit.

All the best.

6 Responses to “Walk and SIP”

  1. Jayant Fine said

    Nice message I am doing SIP but not doing walking, i will do it regularly. Sir please tell if today my monthly expenditure is Rs25000/- how much it will be after, 20 & 25 years and so on, as i will be retiring after 20 years. Please reply. I am doing SIP of Rs 20000, /- monthly. Jayant

  2. Ramesh said

    Good morning sir,
    Last year while searching for how to invest in SIP, I found your great blog. From then I am a regular follower. Let me say that you are doing a great job in this regard. I am investing through SIP in three funds of SBI-all growth and regular funds.
    Pharma fund
    Contra fund
    Balanced fund
    After I got my folios numbers then I got it mapped online so that I could do my own investing. I do some additional buying in these three funds when the market is down 2-3%. My query is that while applying for SIP I took some help from one of the acquaintance who works in SBI in filling up the forms. Of late, I have discovered that all the three plans are regular plans while I am keen to have direct plans. How to do that? May I change online for my entire past as well as future SIP? Please help, would be greatly obliged.

    • Muthu said

      Glad to know that you find the writings useful. All you’ve to do is to give a letter to SBI MF for change to direct plans.

      I find your choices of fund sub-optimal. Since you are a DIY (Do it yourself) investor; select three 5 star or 4 star rated Large & Midcap funds from valueresearch list. Choose 3 funds from 3 different fund houses. Do not have fund house concentration.

      Or you can go through Funds India who provides you online facility. There you would not get direct but only regular plans.

      • DJ said

        Hi Muthu,

        Is there a huge difference in terms of returns between Direct over regular plans over the long term, say 20 years?


  3. Muthu said

    There would definitely be not lesser than 0.5% gain in annualised returns over the long run in direct plans.

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