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Rare one

Posted by Muthu on February 19, 2015

As per CAMS database there are only 7 million mutual fund investors (unique PAN) in India. Source: https://twitter.com/NagpalManoj . We can add maximum 1 more million as some old cases would be without PAN, UTI (coming under Karvy database) is likely to have some unique investors etc.

So we may have around 8 million mutual fund investors in India.

Also according to Manoj Nagpal, the SIP book size of the fund industry is 67 lakhs SIPs with an average ticket size Rs.2800. This is a few months old data. Assuming a person would have at least 2 SIPs, there would be around 3 million SIP investors in India.

There are 13.6 million demat accounts in NSDL and 9.4 million demat accounts with CDSL. We do not know how many of these are active. Also many stock investors I know has more than one demat account. So my understanding is that there would be around 10 million shareholders in the country.

Many who invests in stocks also invests in mutual funds and vice versa.

So the total equity investor base in India would be around 10 million to 15 million.

Out of the population of 1250 million, this is 1%.

However we’ve to understand one thing. Not everyone can be an investor.

In my opinion, one needs to earn at least Rs.15,000 a month to be capable of investing a small sum every month; after taking care of expenses and premium for risk covers. This is roughly 50 million people; based on NSSO (National Sample Survey Organisation) statistics.

So only 4% of India’s population is capable of investing. Out of which 25%; (i.e.) 1% population is already investing.

So you are one of 4% who have been blessed with the ability to invest.

You are one of the 1% who has understood the opportunities available and is investing in equity.

You’re one of the 0.2% (3 million out of 1250 million), who has understood the power of investing regularly through SIPs.

You’re a rare one. Be aware of the same and don’t let go of this opportunity.

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