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Short Term and Long Term

Posted by Muthu on May 24, 2015

Short term= Emotions

Long term= Earnings

Short term= Price

Long term= Value

Short term= Speculative returns

Long term= Investment returns

Short term= News

Long term= Wisdom

Short term= Trading

Long term= Investing

Short term= Gain or loss

Long term= Gain

Short term= Quarterly earnings

Long term=10 year Averages

Short term=Daily NAV

Long term = Retirement NAV

Short term= Volatility

Long term= Secular growth

Short term= Newspapers

Long Term = Books

Short term = Luck

Long term = Discipline

Short term = Skill

Long term = Behaviour

Short term= Predictions

Long term = Financial History

Short term= TIP

Long term= SIP

Short term = Timing

Long term = Time

Short term= Bank as an advisor

Long term = Wise Wealth Advisors

Short term : < 10 years

Long term : = > 10 years

Short term = Anxiety

Long term = Peace of mind

Short term = Activity

Long term = Inactivity

Short term = Tension

Long term = Conviction

Short term = Quick money

Long term = Sustainable wealth

Short term = Unsteady

Long term = Sit tight

Short term = Book profits

Long term = Build fortune

Short term = More chances of failure

Long term = Sure success

Short term = Constant looking of ticker tape

Long term = Annual review

Short term = Expensive

Long term = Less expensive

Short term = Impulsive

Long term = Planning

Short term = More taxes

Long term = Tax free

Short term = Economic Times

Long term = Buffett’s annual letters

Short term = Sudarshan Sukhani

Long term = Prashanth Jain

3 Responses to “Short Term and Long Term”

  1. Good one!

    Short Term = activity, anxiety, fear and greed. Long Term = inactivity, conviction patience, peace of mind.

    I got reminded of a what great investor had said about long term investing that it is like watching the grass grow or watching the paint dry on the wall.

  2. Last one is too good.! ?😊

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