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Bull Markets vs. Bear Markets

Posted by Muthu on June 17, 2015

Bull Markets: Perception better than reality

Bear Markets: Perception worse than reality

Bull Markets: Optimism

Bear Markets: Pessimism

Bull Markets: Price > Value

Bear Markets: Price < Value

Bull Markets: Everyone is a long term investor

Bear Markets: No investors

Bull Markets: Greed

Bear Markets: Fear

Bull Markets: I’m a genius

Bear Markets: I’m unlucky

Bull Markets: Equity is the best asset class

Bear Markets: Stock picking is gambling

Bull Markets: Easy money

Bear Markets: Where is the money?

Bull Markets: Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

Bear Markets: Shankar Sharma

Bull Markets: Boom

Bear Markets: Doom

Bull Markets: ET Now

Bear Markets: Times Now

Bull Markets: Cocktail Parties

Bear Markets: Samosa & Tea

Bull Markets: Easy credit

Bear Markets: No credit

Bull Markets: Only buyers

Bear Markets: Only sellers

Bull Markets: Multi-baggers

Bear Markets: Fallen angels

Bull Markets: Demographic dividend

Bear Markets: Population explosion

Bull Markets: Double digit growth rate

Bear Markets: Double digit inflation

Bull Markets: Buyers at expensive price

Bear Markets: No buyers at cheap price

Bull Markets: Government takes credit

Bear Markets: Global factors blamed

Bull Markets: Invest every single rupee

Bear Markets: Redeem all

Bull Markets: Blind to risk

Bear Markets: Blind to opportunities

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