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Forget Sensex. Another index which gave 40 times in 18 years.

Posted by Muthu on June 20, 2015

CRISIL has an index to measure the performance of actively managed equity funds in India. It is called ‘CRISIL AMFI Equity Fund Performance Index’. The base was set as 1000 as on 1’st April 1997.


As on 1’st April 1997   : 3427

As on 31’st March 2015: 27957

Annualised return: 12.36%

Money multiplied by 8 times

CRISIL AMFI Equity Fund Performance index:

As on 1’st April 1997   : 1000

As on 31’st March 2015: 39971

Annualised return: 22.74%

Money multiplied by 40 times

Though Sensex itself has provided decent returns over long run, actively managed equity funds (where you invest your money) has done phenomenally well in India.

Funds have multiplied money anywhere between 40 to 100 times during last 2 decades. As a category, during last 18 years, these equity funds have given an annualised return of 22.74%, multiplying wealth by 40 times. The returns are completely tax free. Where else an investor can get such a wonderful opportunity?

The CRISL AMFI Equity fund index has never given a negative return for any 5 year period on a daily rolling basis since inception.

If you invest regularly over long run in equity funds, you would be richly rewarded.

It is the most simple and effective way to build wealth.

I’m confident that next 20 years would even be better than last 20 years for our country, economy and markets.

Don’t let go off this golden opportunity.

9 Responses to “Forget Sensex. Another index which gave 40 times in 18 years.”

  1. ajjw123 said

    Sir ,you are great.

  2. write2srk said


  3. Siddhartha Mukherjee said

    Muthu, you are a STAR….and we are all your fans….
    May God keep blessing you and you help us multiply our money…

  4. Hi Muthu, Thanks for the blog.
    I am a newbie. Could you please let me know how to invest (SIP) in CRISIL AMFI Equity Fund Performance index.

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