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Health vs. Wealth

Posted by Muthu on June 24, 2015

Health: Don’t sit for long

Wealth: Sit tight

Health: Frequent activity

Wealth: Mostly inactivity

Health: Is Wealth

Wealth: Is not Health

Health: Walk daily

Wealth: SIP Monthly

Health: Exercise & Diet is the key

Wealth: Compounding & Time is the key

Health: Add years to life

Wealth: Add pleasure to life

Health: Liquor is enemy

Wealth: Leverage is enemy

Health: Is high when you are young

Wealth: Is high when you are old

Health: Get less healthy as age progress

Wealth: Get more wealthy as age progress

Health: Lost in accumulating wealth

Wealth: Spent in regaining health

Health: Beware of corporate hospitals

Wealth: Beware of banks

Health: Dhanvantari

Wealth: Kubera

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