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Dumb Money vs. Smart Money

Posted by Muthu on July 12, 2015

Dumb Money: Borrow and buy

Smart Money: Save and buy

Dumb Money: Instant gratification

Smart Money: Delayed gratification

Dumb Money: House is the best investment

Smart Money: House is for living

Dumb Money: Spend & Save whatever is left

Smart Money: Save & Spend whatever is left

Dumb Money: Buy high and sell low

Smart Money: Keep investing regularly

Dumb Money: Timing the market

Smart Money: Time in the market

Dumb Money: Impulsive

Smart Money: Plan

Dumb Money: Show-off wealth

Smart Money: Accumulate real wealth

Dumb Money: Banker’s delight

Smart Money: Wise Wealth Client

Dumb Money: Momentum

Smart Money: Discipline

Dumb Money: Luck

Smart Money: Skill

Dumb Money: Short term

Smart Money: Long term

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