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Health SIP

Posted by Muthu on October 3, 2015

Wealth SIP is investing your money regularly (monthly) in equity funds.

Health SIP is investing your time regularly (daily) for doing exercise.

I wanted to exercise regularly for at least a year before writing this piece.

From last October to March, I was going regularly for walk, 3 kms a day.

A friend of mine told me about Dr. Kannan Pughazendi and his excellent fitness centre, SPAARC Institute.

I met the Doctor in April and visited the fitness centre. I was very impressed.

I immediately enrolled and started doing exercises for one hour a day.

The institute works 6 days a week and I try to make it for 5 days a week. I’ve been regular for the last 6 months.

For every practitioner, they assign a teacher. The teachers are well trained and qualified Physiotherapists. Each and every practitioner has a personal trainer.

Because of my health condition and low fitness level, my teacher is mentoring me to progress slowly and steadily.

First 6 months was focused solely on lot of stretches and muscles strengthening.

In a week, first 2 days would be for lower body exercises, next 2 days would be for abdominal exercises and the last 2 days would be for upper body exercises.

Now I’ve started first step in cardio; cycling for 15 minutes a day. Mostly by next month, depending on the progress in cycling, I would be on treadmill.

The focus for next 6 months would be on cardio and weight reduction.

I’ve been completely cured of the back pain which was troubling me for more than a decade. I no longer take any medication for back pain.

More than anything, my confidence level about fitness has increased a lot. I’m confident of achieving average fitness in next one year. This is significant as I started from a very sub-normal level.

I see many practitioners who are even in their seventies, come and exercise regularly every day. Many from the institute participate in marathons.

Once someone practices daily fitness regime for 3 years or so, they are encouraged and trained to go for marathons

I’ve told you earlier that if god gives me life, I want to practice as a personal financial advisor till the age of 70. I’ve added one more item to the list. I would like to exercise daily, well into my seventies. The institute tells me that it is doable and I want to do it.

The idea of writing in detail about my practice is to underscore the importance I’ve started giving for health and fitness for the last one year.

I’ve a request for you. If you are not in a position to do anything else, at least walk every day for 30 minutes. As you invest your money monthly for building wealth, start investing your time daily for building health.

Wealth and health building should go hand in hand. If someone like me who used to gasp for breath while climbing stairs can start aiming for marathon in the years to come, how much someone who is already fit can accomplish?

In our country, as much as we ignore equity, we ignore exercise as well. As equity is indispensable for building wealth; exercise is must for building health and staying fit.

You’re all doing wealth SIP.

I strongly urge you to start health SIP as well.

7 Responses to “Health SIP”

  1. anil suman said

    Hi sir,

    I need your advice to validate my portfolio, may I know how can I approach you.

    Regards Anilsuman 8148856925

  2. MRHDK2012 said

    Good post Muthu as always.

    However, 30 minutes of walk daily is not sufficient for people who have sedentary lifestyles and travel by car.

    At best it is better than not doing any exercise.

  3. Kk said

    Very good share sir and rightly said. Our shashtras say ” arogyam maha bhagyam” health is more than wealth!

  4. Siddhartha said

    Nice post as always.
    Actually we all know about the benefits of walking and exercise but very few of us are regular.
    Knowledge is treasure but practice is the key to it.

  5. Anup said

    You are a great example of practice what you preach,you are a great inspiration.cheers!

  6. I got a puppy. Now I walk him everyday, two times for 20m each. Apart from the unconditional love that I get from him, having a pet is a stress buster and also therapeutic as well (there’s research around this). It’s truly the best of all worlds.

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