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Mind SIP

Posted by Muthu on October 25, 2015

I always write about SIP for creating wealth. I would continue to write on the same.

My recent piece on ‘Health SIP’ was well received by you.

That motivated me to write this piece.

Anything done regularly, repeatedly in a disciplined manner is a systematic plan.

I read for few hours a day, almost every day. That’s a systematic plan for learning.

The key is regular, repetition and discipline.

As we’ve covered wealth and health, let me touch upon something for mind today.

Our mind is nothing but continuous stream of thoughts. Thoughts keep happening throughout the day and sometimes even during sleep.

There is need for some space in mind in addition to thoughts. A mind occupied nonstop by thoughts without any gap becomes very superficial and shallow. The depth and peace come to the mind only when there are gaps in additions to thoughts. Even if gaps are not possible, at least there should be slowing down of thoughts. Reduction in frequency of thoughts makes the mind deeper.

From my experience, I’ve found observing breath is the best way to slow down the thoughts or create gaps in the mind.

We know many good things but would not practice it. That was the case with physical exercise till last year. I’ve written in detail as to how only for last one year I’ve been regular in practicing exercise. Though I know the benefits of breath watching, I’ve never practised it regularly. To me, to label something as regular, one should have at least practiced it nonstop for a year.

I’ve also written about our achieving financial independence. Doing SIP for wealth, health, learning etc. have been happening regularly with discipline.

For those of you who read health SIP, I’m already on to treadmill for 20 minutes a day. It would be increased to 30 minutes in next one month.

Though there is nothing in life which makes me unhappy, I find that there is less or no space in mind. If your living room is full of furniture without space, it would be stuffy. My mind is presently like that.

Like I took a resolve for health last October, this October I’ve taken a resolve to practice breath awareness for next one year.

From my experience, I’m sure it would de-clutter and create some space in my living room; my mind. That is the whole purpose of this practice.

The actual practice is very simple. It is just watching your breath 3 to 5 times every one or two hours. This can be done while you are attending to some other activity. This can be done with eyes wide open. It would totally take 12 to 15 minutes a day.

The simplicity of this practice should not deceive us about its efficacy.

Those of you interested in knowing further on how to practice breath awareness can read “Peace is every step” by Thich Nhat Hanh. There are many books written by him. However if you read this book, especially only part one (this book is divided into 3 parts), it is more than sufficient. Being a monk, he would emphasise mindfulness on every activity. For ordinary mortals, who only want peace in everyday living, this limited practice would do.

For those of you, who want to go very deep, can enrol for Vipassana. I learnt and practised vipassana for a brief period and decided it is not for me.

Vipassana is for very serious seekers looking for self realisation.

Coming back to daily practise of breath awareness, I would like to end this piece with a small passage from ‘A New Earth’ by Eckhart Tolle:

“Discover inner space by creating gaps in the stream of thinking. Without those gaps, your thinking becomes repetitive, uninspired, devoid of any creative spark, which is how it is for most people on the planet. You don’t need to be concerned with the duration of those gaps. A few seconds is good enough. Gradually, they will lengthen by themselves, without any effort on your part. More important than their length is to bring them in frequently so that your daily activities and your stream of thinking interspersed with space.

Someone recently showed me the annual prospectus of a large spiritual organisation. When I looked through it I was impressed by the wide choice of interesting seminars and workshops. It reminded me of a smorgasbord, one of those Scandinavian buffets where you can take your pick from a huge variety of enticing dishes. The person asked me whether I could recommend one or two courses. “I don’t know”, I said. “They all look so interesting. But I do know this,” I added. “Be aware of your breathing as often as you are able, whenever you remember. Do that for one year, and it will be more powerfully transformative than attending all of these courses. And it’s free.”

3 Responses to “Mind SIP”

  1. KK said

    Good info. Nice to know sir. Will try it for sure.

  2. Thanks a (tonne)∞ Muthu sir for this post! I used to practice meditation daily during my college days but somehow got discontinued when life started getting fast (job, career, marriage, kids, blah blah blah)…..This post gave me much needed push and motivation to start the same (which I did today and will continue to do the same daily).


  3. MPSingh said

    On the right path both for the writer and the readers Good piece Muthu. Keep experiencing and sharing and the Almighty will shower His blessings.

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