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Nick Murray: Ten investment pointers

Posted by Muthu on November 22, 2015

Some time ago, I’ve mentioned about Nick Murray and his must read book ‘Simple Wealth, Inevitable Wealth’.

My strong faith in equity as the preferred vehicle for both asset accumulation and distribution got validated by the above book. I’m happy that someone has thought on similar lines like me before:-)

I’m pleased to share with you below ten investment pointers provided by Nick Murray:

1) I believe that the fundamental investment risk is not losing one’s money, but outliving it.

2) I believe, therefore, that the only safety lies in the accretion of purchasing power.

3) I believe that the great long term risk of stocks is not owning them.

4) I believe that everything you need to know about the movement of stock prices can be summed up in 8 words: The downs are temporary; the ups are permanent.

5) I process the experience which most people describe as a “bear market” in two different words: big sale.

6) I don’t believe in Individual Stocks, I believe in managed portfolios of stocks.

7) I believe that dollar cost averaging (SIP) will make the dumbest person in the world wealthy. Hey, look at me: it already has.

8) I love volatility.

9) I’m not afraid of being in the next 25% down tick. I am afraid of missing the next 100% uptick.

10) I believe that, prior to retirement, people should own as close to 100% equity as they can emotionally stand. Then, after retirement, I believe they should own as close to 100% equities as they can emotionally stand.

One Response to “Nick Murray: Ten investment pointers”

  1. kannan said

    Very good article Sir .i love it .you are doing great job by educating investors and Us.Thanks a lot.

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