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10th Year

Posted by Muthu on January 1, 2016

Wishing you and your family a wonderful 2016.

We formally started our profession on 1’st January 2007. We’ve completed 9 years and are entering the 10th year today.

When we started, I didn’t know whether and from where we would be getting clients. I was equally unsure as to how long we would be able to last in this profession. I had these doubts because I was from BPO industry and started with a clean slate without any formal background or contacts.

Your trust and support has made all the difference. We’re going to complete a decade this year and is seen as a successful IFA (Independent Financial Advisor). We are forever grateful to you for this.

You’ve made the last one decade the most wonderful years of my career. I’m doing what I thoroughly enjoy doing. I’m grateful for this blessing.

Our SIP book is the largest in Tamilnadu amongst IFAs. We’ve retained this position for the last 5 years. We also understand that we are among top 25 IFAs in the country in terms of SIP book. We’ve built our AUM (Assets under management) predominantly through SIPs. So we’ve grown by instilling an excellent habit of wealth creation among many families. We are proud of this. We’ve assisted dozens of families in making them financially independent and aim to replicate this for hundreds of families in the coming decade.

We’ll be crossing half a million hits in our portal this month. Out of this, quarter million hits have come in 2015 alone. People from 144 countries have visited our website. It was only some of you who gave the idea of sharing what I write to clients in the form of blog as well. This has ensured that we are able to share our ideas with thousands of people, in addition to our clients. Not only that, we’ve got new clients through the blog also.

No wonder ‘SIP Crorepathi’ is the most popular page in our portal and has got around 55,000 views so far.

I’ve written 88 articles in the last one year. So on an average, I’ve written to you every 4 days. I want to write to you at least couple of times a month in 2016 as well.

The best way to learn is to teach. I’m saying this from my heart with 100% conviction. I’ve been focusing on teaching you the right behaviour to create wealth in the market. I’ve been learning a lot in this regard to keep sharing with you. This has in turn greatly fine tuned my behaviour towards investing. Especially for last couple of years, I’m able to be the investor I want you to be. This would not have been possible without you. So one more thanks to you. Today is the day to share my gratitude with you all.

It’s 7 years since we started messaging you a daily wisdom quote on money and wealth. What started as a daily sms to a handful of people has grown a lot and Whatsapp has now become the preferred medium.

We’ve been in Twitter for last 2 years and have more than 3500 followers. We get few hundred thousands of twitter impressions every month. Around 10,000+ people visit our profile page every month. I find twitter a great place to learn and share ideas.

Sensex as on December 31’st 2014: 27499

Sensex as on December 31’st 2015: 26117

So the markets have gone down by 5% last year. In 2014, the markets were up by 30%. As always, we’ve no prediction for 2016 as well. History tells us that good years are lot more than bad years and in the long run markets only keep going up in line with earnings. Ignore all yearly forecasts and look only for ten year averages.

Thanks for your co-operation in completing FATCA updation last month. Most of you have done this. Few of you who are yet to do despite repeated reminders may atleast complete this in the next couple of days. Otherwise you would not be able to transact (except redemption) on your folio. We always need to be up to date on compliance requirements.

All the very best to each one of you for 2016.

2 Responses to “10th Year”

  1. Grandad said

    How can I be included in your daily quote list?

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