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Some Tweets

Posted by Muthu on January 26, 2016

Those of you who are following me know that I’m active on Twitter. Once in a while I want to share with you some of my selected tweets.

1)As much as we caution people about market risks, we need to warn investors about their own behaviour risks.

2) It is neither markets nor funds; it’s ultimately your behaviour which is responsible for your returns.

3) Mutual fund investments are subject to behaviour risks. Always keep a check on your emotions while investing.

4) In the long run, markets grow in line with earnings. In short run, it is not uncommon for markets to be behind or ahead of earnings.

5) Remember, just to stay even, your investments should fetch you rate of return equal to inflation, after taxes.

6) Favourable macros or political leadership would not help markets; only earnings will.

7) Volatility is the price we pay for superior long term returns.

8) Good investors do not change the course along with market directions. They stick to the chosen plan and stay the course.

9) Stick to the investment discipline both in good times and bad. This is the key to wealth creation.

10) Past bear markets looks like missed opportunities. Present or future bear markets looks like terrifying threats. Strange investor psyche.

11) Most advised and least followed; invest for long term.

12) No asset class can escape cycles. People who thought real estate and gold are exception to the cycles, now realise it is not so.

13) The best antidote to uncertain future is financial independence.

14) If you can think in terms of decade or decades, you have huge advantage over most of the investors.

15) Believe me. If you can do this one thing of NOT looking at your portfolio frequently, your results would vastly improve.

16) If your holding period is less than 10 years; they cannot be called investments and you cannot be called an investor.

17) Temporary declines are not permanent losses unless we sell due to panic.

18) Equity is NOT for you if you lack 1) Long term orientation 2) Discipline 3) Patience.

19) In the long run, markets keep going up in line with earnings. Growth is permanent. Declines are temporary.

20) Pendulum swings but the time move forward. Markets are volatile but the earnings keep moving forward.

4 Responses to “Some Tweets”

  1. Rachana mehta said

    Dear sir,
    Really impresd by d above lines..each n every points r worth readng again n again..
    Thanks for guidng us..
    Keep tweetng

  2. KK said

    Great read! Thank You!

  3. EditorJean said

    Very Nice! I like your helping mentality.

  4. desi baba said


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