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After a gap

Posted by Muthu on May 21, 2016

It’s good to be in touch with you after a gap of more than a month.

Though April and May are the busiest months for us due to year end activities, the reason for not writing is the usual gap that occurs once in a while of not knowing what to write.

There are periods where I even write few times a week and there are other times where I don’t get any ideas to write. Hope to write to you at least twice a month.

In the March quarter results of corporate India, we observe noticeable improvement in the performance of many companies. Earnings surprises are more than disappointments. This gives a clear indication that our corporates are regaining their shine.

As I’ve mentioned before, next few years would compensate for lack of growth of last few years. We expect a strong earnings growth and hence market growth for next 3 to 5 years. Though the global situation may be a dampener, earnings growth would ultimately get reflected in the price.

Bankruptcy law has been passed and it would not be a surprise if GST bill gets passed in August. This government is doing many things for enabling long term sustainable growth.

You’re all long term investors investing regularly and participating in India’s growth story. The percentage of equity investors is very less in our country. Long term investors are a miniscule part of this tiny population. Those are the people who would create significant wealth in the coming decade.

As I’ve shared a data with you in the past, during the last 10 years, for Sensex, the average difference between any year’s highest close and lowest close is around 33%.The volatility in individual stocks may be much more. This means volatility is very normal, not only in bad years but even in good years as well. Do not keep looking at and worrying about market fluctuations. See your portfolio only once a year. Over years, your portfolio would only grow. That too in next few years, we anticipate a significant growth.

You would have found our advice repetitive and even boring. As Ben Carlson says, boring advice is often the best type of financial advice because successful investing is usually quite boring.

So I would continue to write at least twice a month. As always, it would be repetitive and boring. But the ultimate reward is worth the boredom.

One Response to “After a gap”

  1. SUSIL KUMAR S said

    Dear Mr Muthu,

    Many thanks for your current article dt.21.05.2016 and I have been looking for the same since April. I value your articles much as it has some depth in analysis. You are very modest to say that sometimes you may not have any strong ideas on what to write.

    May I suggest you to write on the following;-

    i) ‘P-Note’ & ‘Tax on FII through Mauritius Route, to the understanding of common people,
    ii) Best Performing MFs with you analysis,
    iii)The Q4 results of various PSU Banks and their cleansing operations. Can we buy PSU Banks shares, at present, through MF Sectoral funds
    iv) The advantage and disadvantages of Growth Plan & Dividend Reinvestment Plan in MFs.

    As I consider you as my best Guru in MF Investment, you may consider on writing on the topics for the benefit of all our readers.

    Thanks and Best Regards,


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