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Nuggets for 26th August

Posted by Muthu on August 26, 2017

Some of my selected recent tweets.

1)We don’t hop in and out of market, even based on our own opinions. We always stay invested. This has helped us a lot.

2) Comparison leads to envy which can derail the chosen course. Stick to what suits your character and stay the course.

3) Initial capital makes all the difference. Investors who are worth hundreds of crores today started with couple of crores two decades ago.

4) If your capital is sizeable now, you can also make it big like them in next 20 years, provided you live long and don’t do foolish things.

5) More than earning high returns, losing less is extremely important for good long term results.

6) There is a short term risk for owning stocks. But there is a long term risk for not owning stocks.

7) Any edge which works well gets copied by many and so stop working well. Only for the edge of patience, there has been no severe competition.

8) Some people who achieve financial independence to quit career rat race, join another rat race of trying to be wealthier than the next person.

9) Let us be optimistic about the future; but be realistic about the returns. High expectation may lure us to take disproportionate risk.

10) You’ll be ahead of 99% of investors if you have enormous patience, long term orientation and ability to ignore volatility.

11) Don’t judge by outcomes during bull markets. The efficiency of process would be seen in bear markets where you’ll live to fight another day.

12) It takes many years for a company to grow. But why we expect stock prices to grow in weeks or months?

13) Both in our own investments and that of our clients, I’ve seen patience hugely rewarding. I cannot emphasise this trait enough.

14) Having no debt is considered as old school thinking. It isn’t. Debt removes options from our life and tie up our time & earnings to lender.

15) Having no debt is a greatest hedge against uncertain future.

16) By not going for debt, you make a statement that you’re fine with delayed gratification; which is key to personal finance and investing.

17) We suggest building wealth first and then going for accumulating things. We forget that debt is an expensive way to acquire.

18) If you sign surety or lend money, you may lose both money & relationship. By refusing, you lose only relationship; better than losing both.

19) Read somewhere: Prosperity helps your friends to identify you and adversity helps you to identify your friends.

20) True rich is not who have only money but those who have both time and money.

21) Not only its employees, many of us, for most of our career, work mainly for banks as a consumer of home, car, personal & credit card loans.

22) Read somewhere: A big house and a fancy car aren’t worth a life time of bondage.

23) The faster path to financial independence is not trying to live our life to impress our colleagues and neighbours.

24) Early financial independence is not possible for all. But not having debt is. If you’ve no debt, you’ll be less stressed about future.

25) It is our savings and not income which determine wealth.

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