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Nuggets for 6th September

Posted by Muthu on September 6, 2017

Some of my selected recent tweets:

1)The right time to start saving was yesterday. The worst time is postponing it for tomorrow. Start today.

2) A good deal may save you say 30%. But if it is not something you need, you can save 100% by not going for it.

3) The choices we make decide our financial independence: Big house, fancy cars, and exotic vacations delay or even deny this independence.

4) Do you want to look rich or be really rich? People who try to look rich are heavily on debt. Really rich are financially independent.

5) If you can afford something only through debt, it means that you really cannot afford it.

6) We get into debt to buy things to impress others or be like them. Comparison steals both our joy and money.

7) Need to arrive at a fine balance between present consumption and future savings. Excessive focus on present may make future miserable.

8) Income is for a limited period. Expenses are forever. Always remember this.

9) We look at stock market as quick way to riches. For most of us it won’t work that way and we would learn it very painfully.

10) We don’t need big money or debt to enjoy many small pleasures of life.

11) It’s one of the false beliefs that expenses need to keep growing in line with income. Standard of living is not equal to cost of living.

12) If we want to improve life style, we need to work towards improving income. Instead we choose the path of debt, which leads to financial slavery.

13) One more important requirement for financial independence: Contentment. But for this the goal would always be elusive.

14) We may never match Buffett’s investment skills. But it is possible to match his long term orientation, patience and emotional balance.

15) Psychology can be our greatest investment edge. We can work on our emotions and aspire to be on par in this aspect with legends.

16) No need to take excessive risks. It’s absolutely fine to get rich slowly. Avoidance of permanent loss of capital is the key.

17) When we say ignore news, it does not mean you should be dumb and ignorant. It means read the news, but don’t react to it.

18) When we say ignore financial media, it doesn’t mean don’t update yourself or learn useful things. It means ignore noise, which is most part of financial media.

19) If you can be happy only through spending, it is unlikely that you will ever be financially independent.

20) It is wiser to choose your lifestyle based on wealth rather than income. Wealth is more stable than income.

21) Envy leads to many poor financial decisions be it trying to ape someone’s life style or chase their investment performance.

22) If you don’t increase your life style in proportion to your rising income, you’re on your way to financial independence.

23) Financial independence does not mean not working. We’ve achieved financial independence; still I plan to be in profession till the age of 70.

24) Financial independence enables you to do what you like and avoid what you don’t like. I love what I am doing and grateful for this opportunity.

25) Choice and role of life partner is very important. Had it not for my wife sharing similar thought process, we would not have progressed.

3 Responses to “Nuggets for 6th September”


    Wonderful quotes, just simple and to the point. Almost 10 out 25 I had this, now absolutely clear on my standings. I do not want to make a fake face that am rich. Happy with what I am. True friend does not value money in friendship.

  2. Madan Lal Sikri said

    Each word borne out of real life experience and told truthfully. Thank you fir reminding simple truths of Investment and financial freedom.

  3. Suresh GV said

    Well Compiled collection of wisdom for Financial Independence 👍👍👍

    “Spend less than what you earn and invest in a tax differed account (PPF), over a period of time (15/20Y) u will be Rich”

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