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Nuggets for 28th September

Posted by Muthu on September 28, 2017

Some of my recent tweets:

1) When you a buy a stock, tell yourself loud and clear that you are buying a business.

2) Behaviour matters more than analysis and math.

3) Since performance happen in spurts you’ll let go big winners by churning for underperformance. Once you buy right, sit tight.

4) Borrowing implies spending tomorrow’s income today. Future is always uncertain and may not pan out as per plans. Remember this when you borrow.

5) Mastering emotions is very difficult. But if you can do that, you’ll definitely get rich someday. Market rewards this mastery abundantly.

6) We understand how difficult it is to stay the course. Repeated reinforcement is required to internalise the same.

7) In markets, pessimists sound very intelligent. But it is the optimists who make money.

8) Being an investor and advisor, one doesn’t feel redundant with age. This is one area where experience and wisdom from it counts a lot.

9) Highlight process not performance. A strong process can always be adhered to but it is difficult to always deliver performance.

10) Our preference for inactivity is due to understanding. When you are inactive positively, you’ll also know when to act decisively.

11) Stock markets allow us to benefit from the skills of great capital allocators. What a blessing this opportunity to participate is.

12) Not all can start or run a great business. Still markets provide us opportunity to participate in their growth and profits. Grateful.

13) But for the presence of markets, many of us would not have any other way to obtain financial independence and create wealth.

14) Though very basic, at the time of big falls, I tell myself the price has changed but not value. The business is running as usual.

15) Wealth built through following an investment strategy and process is more sustainable than ad hoc investing.

16) You may even get rich by chasing fads and returns. But it is very difficult to stay rich if not backed by a sound process and strategy.

17) Simple investment discipline would beat sophisticated models over long run. We keep forgetting that simple wins over complex in investing.

18) In tough times, we tend to think good times never come and in good times, we tend to think it would last forever.

19) In 2027, you would not even remember about a 10% correction in 2017. Understand your time horizon instead of worrying about volatility.

20) You need not worry about bear markets or corrections if you’ve no plans to sell.

21) There is never a time where we’ve perfect information and the future is clear. Investing needs a leap of faith.

22) Even if journey is long, it would be less accident prone and relatively safe. Get rich slowly through quality businesses.

23) ‘Safety first’ is equally applicable to investing. Avoid junk and chor companies. Usually when they fall, they fall forever.

24) We know 10% corrections are very normal & almost happen every year. Still whenever it happens, we always panic. Strange investor psyche.

25) 10% correction once a year, 20% fall once in few years and 30% fall once a decade is very normal. Don’t panic. This is how markets work.

2 Responses to “Nuggets for 28th September”

  1. Kuldeep said

    Nice article keep going

  2. ps said

    Good one sir. Keep writing golden words of wisdom.
    I’m your follower on Twitter since 1 Year.
    Been gaining lot of info. from your writings.

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