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Nuggets for October 7th

Posted by Muthu on October 7, 2017

Some of my recent tweets:

1)In hindsight, we always feel bear markets were good time for accumulation. Then why we should fear them in future?

2) In bear markets, we think bull market would never come. In bull markets, we think it would last forever. Cycle prevails.

3) See the difference in economic narrative by media this week than last. We need to focus only on bigger picture and not sway with news flows.

4) Don’t seek excitement and thrill from investing. You’ll get what you seek but would not create any meaningful wealth.

5) If you want to be a better investor, there is no substitute for lifelong learning. Things evolve and you need to evolve along with it.

6) Resisting change may work only in short term and would be disastrous over long term. Be willing to learn and evolve.

7) The moment you think the knowledge you’ve today is perfect, learning stops.

8) Knowledge is freely available in abundance. Learning cost only time not even money. Investing in learning is as important as investing money.

9) If you can read and learn, you’ll never be short of investment ideas. Ideas are unlimited. Only capital to invest is limited.

10) You hold the keys to your financial heaven. They are high savings, continuous learning and right behaviour.

11) Many advisors focus too much on asset allocation in accumulation phase. Overweight on equity helps provided you can stomach sharp drawdowns.

12) Advisors should not go by text book rules. Need to develop independent view after taking into account clients life and financial situation.

13) You’ll make big money if you don’t go behind quick money. Would rate patience as the highest virtue in investing.

14) Where we constantly fail is losing our patience and swaying to the noise. Taking care of these two alone would improve our odds of success.

15) As much as savings, investing in oneself is equally important. Without human capital, creation of financial capital is very difficult.

16) Remember that long term view should not be changed based on short term news.

17) Saving more & giving time for investments to grow is realistic. Looking for ways to earn high return in short period of time is unrealistic.

18) No magic formula exists. Save more, take a long term view, give time to compound and have patience. This is the workable formula.

19) Borrower is a financial slave to lender. Avoid debt. Avoid slavery.

20) There has always been something to worry about. Despite this, growth and everyday life continues to happen. Focus on broader picture.

21) Debt increases the cost of ownership of depreciating assets. Income is uncertain. EMIs are certain.

22) When you borrow to buy, you own the depreciating asset and the lender owns you.

23) At best we may influence few thousands or only few hundreds. In debt and investment behaviour, people will continue to be what they are.

24) Difficult to predict future inflation, interest rate & returns. Even best plans can go wrong. Saving more is hedge against this uncertainty.

25) In markets, there are more pessimists than optimists. Optimism backed by right behaviour is worth its weight in gold.

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