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Nuggets for October 22’nd

Posted by Muthu on October 22, 2017

Some of my recent tweets:

1)Instead of chasing new ideas, buying more of what we own is often the best thing to do.

2) Forget alpha, those who keep timing the markets would not even make index returns.

3) Would keep saying same things with different words. There is nothing new. Good advice is always repetitive and boring but invaluable.

4) You win by not losing. If you can avoid permanent loss of capital and earn moderate returns over long run, you’re surely a winner.

5) In investing, compounding creates wealth. In borrowing, compounding destroys wealth.

6) Don’t go for shopping to kill boredom. You’ll kill both boredom and seeds of future wealth. Start reading. It’s inexpensive and rewarding.

7) While you build wealth, learn to manage it as well. Ignorance and money rarely stay together.

8) Money does not buy happiness. True. But does poverty buy happiness? Money gives freedom. Up to us to be happy or miserable.

9) In investing, discipline wins handsomely over smartness.

10) Average IQ coupled with above average discipline is the recipe for success in investing.

11) Living below means is not being frugal or miserly. It is the right balance between consumption and savings.

12) What is worse than getting into debt? Signing surety for someone else’s debt.

13) Investing is like planting a tree. Both take times to blossom, except some activities need to be left alone to grow & would nourish generations.

14) Keeping things longer is one way to reduce expenses. For example, there is no need to change phone for every new version.

15) Possessions provide a false sense of superiority. Be really superior by achieving financial independence.

16) Don’t go by titles secrets of millionaires or how to attract wealth. Many have made it old fashioned way, high savings & living below means.

17) In a country like ours, where many lead a hand to mouth existence, ability to save is a privilege. Don’t let go of this opportunity.

18) If you Google and see past predictions, you’ll not take any current predictions seriously. Predictions grab headlines. Nothing more.

19) As much we focus on term or medical cover, need to have career insurance as well. Investing in knowledge and skill is the best career insurance.

20) We always stay the course not being carried away either by exuberance or gloom. This trait has been very rewarding.

21) In investing, what you don’t do and avoid is more important than what you do.

22) Without high savings and investing it regularly in equity during accumulation phase, financial freedom would remain a pipe dream.

23) Availability of fast and easy credit leads to poor choices. Buying through cash leads to better choices. One more reason to avoid debt.

24) Great investors speak to us through their books, blogs, tweets and interviews. What a great time we live in with access to them.

25) We find lot of news and information either irrelevant or toxic. Unless you’ve right filters, would be better off by consuming less of these.

2 Responses to “Nuggets for October 22’nd”

  1. yogi said

    ‘In a country like ours, where many lead a hand to mouth existence, ability to save is a privilege. Don’t let go of this opportunity.’
    Very well said. This is so country-specific to us. Will not get this nugget from western financial gurus.

  2. Kkr said

    Another great message!!!

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