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Nuggets for 25th November

Posted by Muthu on November 25, 2017

Some of my recent tweets:

1)As much as we focus on gains, avoiding permanent loss of capital should be the main investment objective. We gain by not losing.

2) If you look for certainty or lack of problems, you would never get an opportunity to invest. Problems would continue to be there but so is progress.

3) Celebrating others investment success and not gloating over their misery would cure us of envy.

4) In initial phase of investing, better to lose than gain. Else it creates an impression making money is very easy. Nothing can be more dangerous than this thought.

5) Foolish decisions can take us back even by a decade in terms of wealth. Avoiding wrong is more important than doing right.

6) Following discipline, developing patience and avoiding fads are really hard. But whoever said making money is easy?

7) If future looks certain and clear, it’s likely that we’re underestimating risk.

8) More patient you are and longer your time horizon, you’ll do very well as an equity investor.

9) In investing, most of the time, activity is your enemy and inactivity is your friend.

10) Those who come to markets to make quick money usually don’t last long. Be ready to grow with the businesses you own.

11) We’ll act more sensibly with our investment decisions the moment we stop bragging about our success, especially of short term.

12) You sow the seeds now for say 5 years return. Keep doing it every year. At some point, you’ll start reaping fruits regularly.

13) If we don’t want to own a company for long run, it implies we are only looking for price and not business performance.

14) Not knowing how to make money in the short term is a blessing. Sustainable wealth is usually built only over the long term.

15) In bull markets, even bad ideas can result in gains. But what is obtained through one bad idea is given back through another.

16) In investing, it is not the effort that counts. It is patience.

17) For all long term investors, patience equals profit.

18) Long term investing needs tremendous discipline especially when you hear about people making quick short term profits.

19) Learn the art of money management. If you do that, you’ve to get rich only once and can stay rich. If not, even if you get rich, you cannot stay rich.

20) You don’t get what you want from the markets. You get what you deserve.

21) If patience and long term orientation comes naturally, you are indeed blessed. From what I see and read, these are very rare traits.

22) You randomly check with some investors how long they plan to own a stock or a fund. You would then realise how rare is holding something for a decade or two.

23) Our family and our clients invest with an intention to hold for 10 years or more. We’re a rare tribe and feel proud of the same.

24) Many a time, risk is not in the markets but in our behaviour.

25) Stock price is the shadow of business. It always follows business. Focus on the business; price would automatically be taken care off.

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