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Don’t talk about wealth

Posted by Muthu on June 23, 2019

Other than your family, close friends, auditor and financial advisor; stop talking about wealth.

More and more we talk about our wealth, relationships become superficial and we end up a terrible bore.

World being what it is, talking about wealth would attract wrong people.

Also don’t tie up your ego to the size of the house or car. What is good for ego is bad for you and your wealth.

Only encourage people who come to you for what you are and not for what you own.

In the same way, relate to others for what they are and not on what they have or don’t have.

Don’t discuss about wealth while looking for marriage alliance for your children. You may then end up with wrong choice.

Also learn to enjoy wealth. Once you’re financially independent, have a good life style. Enjoy things and experiences. There is no use of wealth if it ends up a mere bank, demat or mutual fund balance.

Provide to children for their education, marriage, when they buy their first house etc.

At the same time, don’t promise your entire wealth to them. Even if you want to provide everything to children, better not to promise it. Let them not take your wealth for granted.

Don’t provide everything to children during your life time. That would be a sure shot way for a miserable old age. It should happen only after you and your spouse is no more.

When I was achieving certain financial milestones, I shared that with more than required people. I stopped it subsequently.

Now I value discretion a lot.

You should value it too.

9 Responses to “Don’t talk about wealth”

  1. Bhavin said

    Dear Muthu, thank you for the thought. Our peace if mind and right people in our life is more important.

  2. Avi Aryan said

    You are right sir. Talking about wealth also strains relationships with people who are not in the wealth building game but who are still important to you. Make money, create wealth and use it as a life-enjoying tool without giving the numbers away.

  3. Kkreddi said

    Greatly appreciate the advice sir! Keep them coming! God bless you!

  4. anand kumar said

    Very different thought and completely loved it especially the lines “Also learn to enjoy wealth. Once you’re financial independent, have a good life style. Enjoy things and experiences. There is no use of wealth if it ends up a mere bank, demat or mutual fund balance.”

  5. JAYESH R MEHTA said

    really good advice..will surely implement many of above..keep posting Sir

  6. ravi kumar said

    really wonderful and sensible advice sir,you r a inspirational adviser.keep going non stop.

  7. Jegadeeswaran G said

    Well said and thanks Sir

  8. Placera said

    A good piece of advice. There is no upside to show-off your money. Only attracts problems for yourself and your family. Piece of mind is hard to put a value on.

  9. This is very informative blog

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